Favourite of the month #78

Because of my love for music, I want to share my favourites. So, the way this works: I’ll share 5 songs I like from this artist/band. And I give a small background story of the artist/band!

This month: Citizen Soldier

Citizen Soldier was born in 2016 when frontman Jake Segura penned the lyrics to “Let It Burn” from a psychiatric hospital. Now practicing as a clinical therapist, he implements intensely emotional lyrical themes on mental health into their music. The band presents an accessible message that combats stigmatization and provides a group therapy dynamic.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Segura is joined by guitarists Matt Duffney and Kooper Hanosky, bassist/keyboardist Wonitta, and drummer Kyle Persell. Their genre is rock music.

They released five albums thus far: Relentless (2019), Down the Rabbit Hole (2020), This Is Your Sign Part I (2021), This Is Your Sign Part II (2022), and Scarecrow (2022).

This is my top 5 of their songs!

  1. Would Anyone Care

2. I’m Not Okay

3. I Hate Myself

4. Always December

5. Bedroom Ceiling

What’s your opinion about them?

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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