Signs that you and your friend are growing apart

It’s absolutely no fun when a friendship ends. If you’d like to be prepared because you want to prevent it, or for your emotional purposes, then these signs indicate that you and your friend are growing apart.

  1. No need to contact

Your feelings about the friendship and seeking contact may have changed. Instead of enthusiasm, you now find yourself delaying reaching out or feeling a certain tension. You think you have to make contact, but your gut feeling says otherwise. Try to meet up with that friend anyway and see how you feel during your appointment. If this feeling doesn’t change, then maybe it’s time to (temporarily) end the friendship.

2. Disagree about plans

You have probably experienced this situation. While you prefer to have a film marathon with your friend on the couch, they prefer to discover the nicest bars and discos until late at night. You probably had the same interests before, but now something has changed. Optionally, you can look for an activity that you both enjoy doing, in order to maintain the friendship.

3. Conversations are forced

Some friendships are based on shared memories. Maybe you grew up in the same neighbourhood and were best friends during high school. If most conversations are only about that and you don’t feel the need to talk about your current life, then the conversations seem a bit forced. The conversation will quickly stop and you may feel a little uncomfortable.

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4. Tired after meeting up

Tiredness after your appointment is another sign that the friendship isn’t as it should be. A friendship generally gives energy. You may have the feeling that you had to put a lot of energy into the conversations and received little in return from the other person. You may also feel relieved when you’re home.

5. No contact feels good

Maybe you and your friend have unknowingly lost contact for a while. Secretly this feels pretty good and you don’t really miss them. It may well be the case that you will pick up the thread again in a while, but it could also be that it’s good that way. You move on separately and the friendship is more and more diluted.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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