Is your cat happy? These are the signs!

When we love someone, we want them to be happy. We do a lot to contribute to this happiness. You give your cat an animal-oriented life, in which his needs and wishes have been fully thought of. So, how do you know if your cat is truly happy? Let’s take a look at the signs to find out!

  1. Running around enthusiastically

Does your cat suddenly race through the garden or house, while there’s not really a clear reason for it? Congratulations! You’re doing something right and your cat is comfortable with you. Just like children who go through life happily and show it in this way, cats also show their uninhibited joy of life.

2. Playing in full focus

Your cat plays with cat toys, such as a fishing rod or a cat pillow, and he seems very concentrated with it? Then he’ll be fine. He’ll also appreciate it if you spend as much time as possible with him and play with him. Depending on the breed or character, the cat also likes to play games that train its brain. Intelligence toys are suitable for this.

3. Purring

If your furry friend is purring, it could be for a number of reasons. It usually has a positive cause. But again be aware that it can also indicate pain or fear. However, you as an experienced cat friend will be able to recognise due to several factors whether it’s a matter of purring due to a pleasant feeling or whether it has a negative cause.

4. Cuddly cat

Another good sign of well-being is of course if he comes to sit on your bed or on the couch to cuddle with you. Or when he’s meowing on the couch while you’re at work. Many cats start the day with you, jumping up on your bed to tell you something while caressing you.

5. Rubbing nose

Your four-legged friend ‘nose kisses’ you or rubs his nose against some of your other body parts? Then there’s a good chance that your cat likes you so much that he wants to give off his scent on you and mark you.

Tabby Kittens on Floral Comforter

6. Lots to tell

As with purring, meowing is usually a positive sign, but it can also indicate pain in certain circumstances. It’s then up to the owner to interpret the signs as empathically as possible.

7. Rolling

If you see your cat lying in the yard and rolling, showing his belly, he’s most likely doing well. If you have catnip in the yard, cats like to toss it around. But dried catnip in a bag can also release your cat’s happiness hormone.

8. Eat with pleasure

Does your cat enjoy eating healthy, high-quality cat food or particularly tasty snacks? Then that’s also a clear signal for happiness.

9. The cat’s tail

Is your cat’s tail straight up and the end coiled in the shape of a question mark? If your cat greets you that way and touches your legs that way too, your cat is clearly happy.

10. Watching birds

If your indoor or outdoor cat spends the winter in its favourite place in the sun and keeps a close eye on the birds outside, you can assume that your four-legged friend is well coated. And of course also when he keeps an eye on the fish in the aquarium or in the pond in the garden. Many cats enjoy watching football on television because they compare the ball to a mouse.

Three Short-fur Assorted-color Cats

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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