Can’t wait until Christmas? Then you’ll recognise this!

It’s December, and that means most people have conjured up their Christmas stuff. Including you, someone who can’t wait for Christmas to come, because that’s the best time of the year! And if you agree with that statement, you’ll definitely recognise the following!

  1. At the first sign of Christmas wreaths, you’re completely radiant. You’ve been waiting all year for this! Even more so to hang them in your tree!
  2. While most people are going crazy buying gifts, you’re already thinking about how to wrap the gifts as creatively as possible.
  3. When a new recipe is announced that’s ideal for Christmas, you run straight to the supermarket to gather all the ingredients.
  4. You enjoy all the candy that isn’t in stores during the rest of the year. You stock up every year to enjoy it for as long as possible.
  5. You visit every store, looking for the best wrapping paper. Because who wouldn’t want to receive gift wrapping paper with Rudolf on it? Or a gift with a red bow and glittery stars?
  6. Some people don’t find it acceptable to listen to Christmas music until after the 20th. You? You already started on December 1st. Actually, way before that, but you act like you’ve waited until December. Secretly you already started in November…
  7. Every year you hope that snow will fall from the sky at the beginning of December. That’s what gives you a true festive feeling. And you hope with all your heart that Christmas will be white this year!
  8. Hot cocoa is the perfect drink for you. Because one, chocolate; two, mini marshmallows, and three, whipped cream.
  9. This week will be all about decorating the Christmas tree. You wish you had done it much sooner, but you held back.
  10. You love to watch Christmas films. The worse, the better.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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Image source: Pexels


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