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The annoying things teachers say

From Monday to Friday we’re obliged to go to school and listen to our teachers. Besides the fact that it is all quite instructive, we sometimes don’t understand some statements. Would it even make sense to the teachers themselves?

  1. “You probably won’t have anything to do on the weekend/ during the holiday. So a little extra homework wouldn’t hurt.” Because we students have absolutely no life outside of school. Socialising? What’s that?
  2. “You’re not wasting my time, but your own.” That’s what teachers often say when you talk through their explanations. Well, talking to my classmate surely is a much better use of my time!
  3. “You’re going to need this later.” Oh yeah? What will you ever need sin, cos or tan for?
  4. “I’m waiting for it to be completely quiet.” It sucks, because you were really looking forward to the rest of class. No, kidding. Please guys, go ahead with the noise!
  5. “You’re not allowed to drink in class!” And then the teacher drinks coffee or tea himself…
  6. “Keep this in mind, maybe it’ll show up in the test.” After class, everyone still forgets, so that comment made little sense.
  7. “I decide when class is over!” Then why does the bell or a schedule exist?
  8. “You’re going to like this!” And it turns out not to be fun at all.
  9. “No, you can’t go to the bathroom.” As if you can do something about having to go to the bathroom. Hey, little bladder!
  10. “In French, please.” When you want to ask a question to your French teacher, you’ll be interrupted because it has to be in French.
  11. “Sorry I’m a little late and that getting your grades takes a little longer.” Yes no of course, we have to meet a deadline and always be on time, but the teacher himself doesn’t have to. Super fair.

Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❤

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