What does your type of eyebrow say about you?

A recurring guest blogger is my friend Maggie, who’s back with another beauty related post. And seeing as I have zero knowledge about eyebrows, I gladly give her the stage to share hers! So, in her own words: let’s find out what your eyebrows say about your personality!

  1. Round eyebrows

Round eyebrow shapes follow the natural curve of the eye and don’t curve upwards. If someone has round eyebrows, it’s a sign that they’re a really nice person and they’re always thinking about other people’s needs. When they make a decision, it’ll be based on what they want and what everyone would like to try, resulting in a win-win for everyone.

2. Straight eyebrows

In addition to framing the face, straight eyebrows draw the eyes inward toward the center of the face. If someone’s eyebrows grow in a straight line, that means they’re a very logical person, they appreciate logic and think you should think very carefully. They’re not impulsive.

3. Peaked eyebrows

The most important characteristics of people with a peaked brow? A high arc and hasty decision making. People with peaked eyebrows make decisions based on their emotions, and they make them quickly. They’re very reactive, so if there’s something they want to make a decision about, they do it very quickly, but it’s not necessarily based on logic β€” it’s based on their emotion at the moment.

4. Queen’s eyebrows

In Chinese face reading, Queen’s eyebrows are exactly what you’d think: eyebrows set high on a person’s face. They’re a sign of someone with excellent taste, a real sense of style and beauty, but they’re usually a perfectionist. They can struggle with decisions because there’s only one right decision in their mind. They can be self-critical and worry about making the wrong decision, and can be hard on themselves.

5. Long eyebrows

“People with long eyebrows are usually the kind of people who have a lot of friends. There’s a reason for that: They have extra strength, so they can handle all of their friends’ personal dramas without feeling overwhelmed.

Close-Up View Of A Person's Eye

6. Short eyebrows

A short eyebrow extends only from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. People with short eyebrows don’t like drama. They tend to have less close friendships and aren’t attracted to people who ask for help.

7. Thick eyebrows

For us, the bushy brow look will never go out of style. When someone has really full, thick eyebrows, it means a lot of things: they’re very decisive, they have a natural confidence, and they feel like they can think of anything. They’re very logical people and tend to be quite linear in how they do things. They also like to be physically active.

8. Thin eyebrows

People with thin eyebrows, even if they started with naturally thick eyebrows that became thin through epilation and waxing, affect self-confidence. Or, if you have naturally thin eyebrows, you generally have low self-confidence. But the good side is, you’re not pushy or overly aggressive.

9. Diagonal eyebrows

If the tips of your eyebrows are higher than the front, you probably have a diagonal eyebrow shape. The harder the angle, the more extreme the emotions and the more reactive a person is. If you’re naturally born with an angle, that’s fine. But if you try to create it, it’s like going against your own nature, which can create an imbalance in your personality and cause you to struggle with making decisions.

10. Hard-arched eyebrow

This eyebrow shape is more sensitive in nature, can hold back, and takes time to get familiar with people.

Person Showing Left Eye

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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