The thoughts everyone has while being an intern!

I know most internships are no longer a thing since the virus, but everyone has been an intern at least once in their lives. And as soon as you go back, I’m sure you’ll start to recognize the following things! And if you had an internship back in the day, I know you’ll agree with me! 

1. Way on time

It’s time: the very first day of your internship. You do everything you can to be there on time. You know, for the sake of leaving a good first impression behind. And when I say ‘on time’, I don’t mean the actual on time. No, what I mean is being there 30 minutes too early, walking circles in front of the building. You know, since you’re the first one there.

2. The perfect outfit

Sure, we all want to make a good first impression. In order to do so, you need to ‘fit in.’ Meaning: you need the perfect outfit. But, what to wear? What will your colleagues wear? Casual or neat? Would a blazer be too much or a sweater too less? You decide to observe your colleagues’ clothing styles and then manage to fit in by selecting the perfect outfit.

3. Questions

Sure, everything is entirely new for you as an intern. You don’t want to make any mistakes, so you make sure to double-check everything. Eventually, your colleagues will tell you that they can’t stand you doing that any longer. That awkward moment when they sigh, because of you asking yet another question. Oops.

4. Going home

Is it okay for you to leave or should you wait? When is the perfect moment to gather your belongings and go home? You surely don’t want to be the first one doing so. Just deciding to get up and leave. So, back to staring at the ceiling then.

5. Future job

Hard work pays off, right? Sure, you’re an intern now, but who knows. They might offer you a job when you’re done. However, keep in mind that this happens pretty rarely.

6. Intern chores

Sure, every intern needs to do chores that aren’t fitted for the job. And they’re certainly not your favourite thing to do. I mean, who wants to clean while being a marketing employee? But as you could guess, it’s part of the job.

7. Too busy around you

You look around you and notice everyone being super busy. You start doubting yourself. Why? Because you feel like you do too little, in comparison with your colleagues. Cons from being an intern, I’m afraid.

What else seems common to you, that’s not written above?

Love, Deem ❤

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