Do you wanna know when you’ll get married? It’s written in the stars!

Most people wanna get married (I myself don’t), but wonder when should be the right time to do so. And I happen to know it’s written in the stars. Or well, the stars ‘presume’ they know. Anyway, it’s fun to have some sort of indication, right?

Aquarius ♒: 35 years

You find it important to have your freedom. You don’t like being stuck to someone unless you fall in love. Big time in love. So, when you hit 35, you decide that it’s time to walk down the aisle with your soon-to-be husband/wife.

Pisces ♓: 24 years

You’re a hopeless romantic person, completely in love with fairy tales. You dream about that fairy tale marriage for years. And you want it to happen before you turn 25.

Aries ♈️: 22 years

You’re not a patient type. You’d rather want something to happen as fast as possible. Which includes marriage. Which is why you’ll get married when you turn 22.

Taurus ♉: 30 years

You’re quite the romantic type, but you’re not in a hurry to marry someone. You want to know that person inside and out before you marry them. Which is only fair and probably very wise.

Gemini ♊: 38 years

It’s best to not marry at a young age when you’re a Gemini. Why? Because you need some time to grow up properly. So, the stars say it’s best for you to not marry until you hit 38.

Cancer ♋: 20 years

You’re a true family person. You’ve been dreaming about having your own family at a very young age. You want to marry rather soon, so you can think about having children. Which is why the chances are high for you to marry at the age of 20.

Leo ♌: 40 years

The reason for you to marry at the age of 40, is because you’re quite picky. Finding the rightful partner is quite hard for you, resulting in it taking years. How come? Because you turn everyone down.

Virgo ♍: 32 years

You’re a perfectionist. So, finding your true partner is quite the search for you. And once you did and proposed, or got the proposal, you need your wedding to be neatly organized. Nothing can go wrong, everything needs to be perfect.

Libra ♎: 25 years

Nowadays, marrying at the age of 25 is quite early. But you find that age quite fine. You make informed decisions and this is one of them. You know very well what you’ll get yourself into.

Scorpio ♏: never

You’re not really ‘a star’ in finding love. You’re quite possessive and suffer trust issues. Relationships are hardly fun with you. You don’t believe in marriage, so chances are high that you’ll never get married.

Sagittarius ♐: 50 years

You want to be free while you’re young. You love being single, so you see no rush into finding your partner. Once you hit 50, you think it’s time to settle yourself and get married.

Capricorn ♑: 23 years

You’re quite the ‘home’ type. You want to get married rather quick, start your own family. Why? Having your own family to take care of, sounds like music to your ears.

Are you married? If so, at what age did it happen? And does it match?

Love, Deem ❤

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