Zodiac sign

This is when you’ll move in with your love!

You’ve found the love of your life and are dreaming about a future together. Do you want to know when you’re ready to move in together, according to your horoscope? Well, your zodiac sign will reveal when you’re ready for it!

Aquarius ♒: 10 months

You’re pretty stubborn and know exactly what you want. So, living together with the love of your life seems like the perfect futuristic image for you!

Pisces ♓: 3 years

You love freedom. And most importantly when it comes to relationships. You’d rather keep it on the low and wait a while before you start the whole ‘living together’ adventure.

Aries ♈️: 2 years

You find it important to be free, without anyone telling you what to do or breathing in your neck constantly. You aren’t one to easily ‘bind’ with someone unless you really start to fall in love.

Taurus ♉: 3,5 years

You’re quite the romantic person, but you don’t see any hurry to ‘bind’ yourself to someone. Before you move in with someone, you want to know everything about that person.

Gemini ♊: 1 year

You can’t wait to start your own love story. Though, hold on and calm down! It’s quite a big step to move in with someone. Make sure you wait and start planning it when you’ve found the right person!

Cancer ♋: 6 months

Your motto of life: YOLO! You don’t care how long you’ve been together with your love because your intuition is on point and you’re 100% sure this is the one you want to share your life with. And who cares anyway? Your life, your decisions!

Leo ♌: 1,5 years

You’re quite the picky person when it comes to the love of your life. But once you’re completely in love, you want to do everything you can for that person. Which means you want to get to know him/her first, before thinking about a possible future together.

Virgo ♍: 2,5 years

You’re quite the perfectionist, meaning you want to have everything under control. This means it’ll take some time for you to trust someone else with certain things, such as moving in together.

Libra ♎: 8 months

You’re quite quickly ready to move in together with your crush. Is that a big deal? No, of course not. But, be reasonable with yourself and really think about it before you do something irrational!

Scorpio ♏: 8 years

You’re not really a star when it comes to love. You’re quite possessive and easily deal with trust issues. You don’t even want to think about moving together, because all the bad scenarios flow through your head.

Sagittarius ♐: 2 months

I mean, you act on the speed of light. You’re entirely ready for this adventure to come, which is obviously the spirit! Though, your impulses aren’t always working out the way you want, remember?

Capricorn ♑: 6 years

You’re not really a fan of moving in together with your lover. And that’s okay, of course. You’d rather continue to postpone it. Though, be aware: your love may think very differently about this subject!

Are you living together with your love? And if so, is it matching with the given time?

Love, Deem ❤

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18 thoughts on “This is when you’ll move in with your love!

  1. Daar kan ik me niet echt in vinden. Want ben zeker geen perfectionist.
    En vertrouwen dat moet je winnen bij me. Dat kan heel snel gaan maar kan ook snel voorbij gaan.

    Aum Shanthi

    Liked by 1 person

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