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Your most annoying trait, according to your zodiac sign

Everyone has a trait that he or she isn’t happy with. Or perhaps you don’t mind as much, but others do. This is your most annoying trait, according to your zodiac sign!


An Aquarius often sees him/herself as the smartest person in the group. Since you see others as inferior because of this, you have a condescending attitude that’s often not appreciated.


Pisces are often described as hypersensitive. You can often get stuck in the past and things that happened to you. And you stay in that mindset for a really long time.


An Aries has a bad habit of lying about things, and it happens often too. You’re afraid of confrontation and that’s why you’ll sometimes lie, believing that works better than telling the truth.


A Taurus often trusts people a little too quickly and tells personal things to strangers that one shouldn’t share. No matter how often you’re confronted with it, this habit is difficult for you to break.

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Gemini is often a little too proud and because of this, you get easily annoyed. People annoy you with the tiniest things, which makes them shut up rather than continue to talk with you.


A Cancerian is sometimes not so punctual and has little discipline. This is why you’re more likely to be late for appointments and/or meetings.


A Leo often sees himself as the lion of a group. You see yourself as a leader and not everyone can always appreciate this attitude.


A Virgo can be an awful whiner at times. You don’t complain about complaining, but you complain often to get your way.

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A Libra finds it difficult to make decisions, sometimes. You want to keep everyone happy, so making choices isn’t your forte.


A Scorpio sometimes betrays the trust of someone else. You hurt someone because you often put your own interests first.


A Sagittarius sometimes has a little too much self-confidence and can therefore come across as arrogant.


A Capricorn is often very demanding. This makes you seem a bit insensitive and selfish to others.

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Love, Skye Lewis/Deem ❀

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