The fictional characters tag

I have lots and lots of fictional characters I’ve started to truly love over the last couple of years, some even more of the last couple of months as a privilege to being quarantined. And, as I’m a sucker for tags, as you guys know, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to combine the two!

1. Which character was your first love?

Well, I’m not that big of a fan anymore to say I ever ‘loved’ this character, but I gotta say that Harry Potter was the very first one I got really invested in. I am still a huge fan of Harry Potter in general, but not as much of a fan as I was when I was way younger. But a character I truly loved… That’s gotta be Zuko then.

2. How would you describe all the characters you love?

They’re all mainly from one actor I truly adore. But as for the others and to combine them, they all have some comparisons with my own personality. And that makes it easier for me to feel connected with them. Then again, it also makes it really hard when they get hurt or when they die. Because you know, that hurts.

3. A character that you love that you think most people hate?

Ryan from Beyond Two Souls. I don’t only think most people hate him, I know most people hate him. I’ve seen it multiple times on the stream from my community. I don’t know why I love him though. He has been an asshole, even I can’t deny that. But still, he’s got something that makes him loveable. Does that make sense?

4. Does one character in your life have a very strict personality?

I don’t know what the true definition of strict is in this question. But I’d have to say Bill Turcotte from 11.22.63. He’s very complex and has a very strict personality in terms of changing all the time. He goes from irresponsible to being responsible, to losing his ‘mind’, as the protagonist claims.

5. A character you think you wouldn’t get along with?

Jake Epping/Amberson for sure. He’s very selfish and forgets the ones he cares about around him once he settles for that one person he’d literally die for. The way his selfishness develops has hurt me since I at the start of the series really loved him. But that changed when he became selfish and blamed the other for his own selfishness. Nothing easier as to blame someone else but yourself, right?

6. A character you’d travel the world with?

Nathan Drake. He’s strong, dependent and won’t go out of the way to protect you/save you. Plus, he’s very smart and has so much knowledge about ancient cities, lost treasures and secrets yet to be revealed. Plus, he’s good-looking so… That’s a win-win.

7. A character you’d rely on to help you get over your fears?

Diego Hargreeves for sure. I mean sure, he’s also just as scared as his brothers and sisters, but he’s got one hell of a kick. And I myself do martial arts as well, so I think we’d be a wonderful combination in helping each other overcome our fears. He’s also protective, in his own way. And he has overcome fears, so I think he’d be my best bet.

8. Where do most of the characters you love come from?

All over the place honestly. America, England, Australia, Scotland, and many more countries. I don’t have one reliable, specific country they come from. But, I must say, I do think that most of them are located in the UK. Or maybe I want to believe that. Or both.

9. A character you’re most likely to have weird dreams about?

Klaus Hargreeves for sure. I mean, I love him like crazy. And he is crazy too. But he also does weird things and has the funniest sayings I’ve ever heard. But, him being a prophet and all. You know, with his own cult. I think my weirdest dreams would definitely be about him. But then again, I also think they’d be hella funny. So, throw those dreams at me.

10. A minor character you love

Jonathan Byers for sure. He’s just like me. A bit of a nerd who loves photography and used to work on his social skills to get to where he is now. Plus, he’s very smart, strong in his own way, and protective. I believe he deserves a far bigger role in Stranger Things. And I swear if he won’t come back for season 4. I’m gonna be mad.

11. What character represents your mentality?

William Schofield. I guess you guys would be surprised when I wouldn’t say anything about the character I absolutely love with my entire heart. I’d literally do anything for him. But okay, mentally wise. Well, he’s very protective and wise. Besides that, he goes beyond his own limits to help his friend who he loses. In terms of wanting to fulfil the mission they were both send on. And to reach his brother, which was the biggest part of the rescue mission. He’s also scared to leave his loved ones behind. Now, I’m not necessarily scared, but I can’t deny that it’s sometimes a bit nerve-racking to be away from them. I can’t compare it with war, obviously, but yes. Schofield is mentally definitely very much like me. Also wanting to keep going, no matter what setbacks you come across. Keep an eye on your goal, stay strong, and you’ll get there.

Who’s your all-time favourite fictional character?

Love, Deem ❤

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