The things that happen to any child/teen with divorced parents

A friend of mine wanted to share the thoughts he had when he was a child with divorced parents. It has been 10 years for him now (9-19) and he asked me to write a post about it for the ones who’re currently in the same position as he is or who went through it as well. Not only the bad stuff, as he also mentions the positive stuff about it. So, enjoy reading this post and thank you, Joey!

1. Holidays

With which parents will you spend the holidays? They both want you joining their dinner, so you need to plan ahead with them both to make a schedule you can easily modify if necessary. Oh, if only you could divide yourself into two parts.

2. New lover

One day it’s gonna happen: your mum or dad (or both) find a new lover. Sure, you want them to be happy, but it’s kind of awkward to meet someone you potentially have to call mum or dad. Well, stepmom or stepdad. Still, what if you really dislike that person? Will you tell your parents, or keep quiet about it?

3. Lost stuff

You’re at your dad’s house and you’ve only now realized that you left your favourite shirt in his laundry basket. Damn it, why didn’t you write that down somewhere? And why do they live so far away from each other to quickly pick it up?

4. Double fun

One advantage of having divorced parents is celebrating your birthday twice. Which also means double the gifts. Who doesn’t want to get so many gifts in one day? Oh, and who also doesn’t want to go on vacation twice? I surely don’t mind!

5. Many keys

This can be quite annoying, seeing as you’ve got many keys to bring along. You know, your mum’s keys, your dad’s keys, keys to both their garages, front and back door and so on. It’s getting too heavy to carry in your jeans pocket any longer.

6. Pets

This is, in my opinion, quite a big disadvantage. When you have a dog, one of your parents takes it in. And travelling a dog around isn’t the easiest thing to do. So, you have to wait until you go back to their house to see him again. And every time you leave, you wish you could take him with you.

7. Room

You don’t know why, but one of the two rooms you own is your favourite. The bed has a nicer mattress, you’ve got your beautiful possessions there and it’s the room you do want to keep clean. While the other is the room you need because you’re staying at the other’s house.

8. Where am I?

You know, this happens when you startle awake in the middle of the night and forgot in which house you are at that moment. You easily lose track of being at your dad’s or your mum’s.

9. The question

Whenever you want something, it’s a lot easier to ask. Normally you ask the parent who’s easily saying yes instead of the one who says: ask your mum/dad. Because they can’t say it now since you can use the following sentence: mum/dad says it’s okay! They hardly speak with each other, so they won’t ask each other about it.

Do you have divorced parents? Or are you a divorced parent yourself? 

Love, Deem ❤

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22 thoughts on “The things that happen to any child/teen with divorced parents

  1. My parents divorced when I was twelve. I’m more with my dad than with my mum, mainly because she was the biggest reason for their break-up

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  2. Nice post ! My parents-in-law divorced and my husband was seriously affected by this. His mother did initiate the break-up. His father taught him that “all women are the same.. you cannot trust them..”. As result, he had difficulties to have a serious relationship for many years.

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