Which face mask suits your skin type?

People prefer using a face mask from time to time. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, anyone can use one. It helps you calm your skin down and gives you a relaxed feeling whenever you feel stressed. I must be honest and say I never use them, but a friend of mine does. And so we teamed up to write this post!

Skin types + masks

  • Normal: Your skin isn’t super dry, but it’s not an oily skin. Your pores are slightly visible, your skin is fairly smooth and you barely see any lines. Your skin’s texture feels soft and smooth and feels pretty flexible. Pimples are pretty rare in your case.
    • You can use every face mask they sell, so it’s up to you which one you’ll choose. If you find your skin a bit more dry than usual, you should use a nourishing and moisturizing face mask.
  • Oily: When you suffer an oily skin, your face glistens the entire day. Your pores are pretty visible and feel slightly rough. When you use makeup on your face and keep everything shine free, you have to add a second layer a few hours later. You suffer having pimples more than the normal skin does, because your pores become clogged.
    • A mudpack or masks made of powder are the ones for those who suffer an oily skin. These masks absorb the ‘fat’ and kill bacteria. Make sure to remove the mask pretty quick and don’t let it dry out, otherwise you’ll suffer a tight feeling.
  • Dry: Your face feels tight, has a dull appearance and you suffer furfures pretty often. When it’s winter, you need to keep your face oily by using creme. Your pores are very small and your skin isn’t oily, so you don’t have pimples.
    • Don’t use a mask that has alcohol in the ingredients list. Also, don’t use a mudpack. They’ll dry your skin even more. Use a cream mask or a sheet mask with a nourishing and moisturizing function. The next list of ingredients will help when your skin is dry: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, panthenol, Vitamin B3, Jojoba oil and glycolic acid.
  • Trouble: Your skin has issues. Your skin looks oily, but you do suffer pimples and red skin pretty often.
    • When your skin is pretty impure, it’s best to use a mask with the ingredient salicylic acid. This ingredients has anti-inflammatory properties and is fat-soluble. 
  • Sensitive: Your skin has a tendency to show redness. You suffer itching and a burning feeling. Your skin is pretty dry, but you don’t have pimples as much.
    • The same goes for you as for the dry skin: make sure that the mask you use, won’t cause a burning feeling. If this does happen, you need to remove the mask immediately.
  • Combination: Dry cheeks and an oily T-zone? Then your skin is a combined one. Pimples do show on the T-zone and your skin feels dry and tight on several places.
    • It’s best to use two different kinds of masks: a mask for dry skin on the dry spots and on your T-zone (oily spots) a mask for the oily skin. Your skin will receive the best facial mask care this way!

Do you use face masks?

Love, Deem ❤

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