These sports help to keep your brain healthy

Did you know that exercise and sports can have a positive effect on your brain health? It’s not only good for your body but also for your memory. Especially these sports are proven to be practical for your brain!

  1. Dancing

A Zumba lesson or simply dancing around your house? Do it! Several studies have shown that dancing reduces the risk of developing dementia. In general, people like to try new things and let’s face it, you never get bored with dancing. Your brain is stimulated in various ways. Both your intellect and your social skills are addressed.

2. Cycling

Cycling outdoors improves the cognitive ability of people over the age of 50. In addition, indoor cycling has been proven to have a positive effect on people with Parkinson’s. Sports, as it were, protect your brain and ensure that less inflammation occurs.

3. Interval training

Not everyone is fond of it, but the effects are positive: interval training. Due to the variation in intensity, the part of the brain that influences learning and memory would improve. However, it’s important not to go too fast right away. Let your body get used to this way of training first.

4. Walking

The health benefits of walking are endless, but it has also been shown to be good for your brain. A study showed that taking 4000 steps or more per day had a positive effect on the memory of the elderly.

5. Tai chi

You may not have expected this sport to be included in this list, but tai chi ensures that control, breathing, and body coordination are combined. Research shows that this form of sport improves your cognitive skills and memory. In addition, it’ll also boost your mood, which is a nice bonus.

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      1. Ah I was never fond of that but my parent forced me to do that because they thought it be good for me. Now I’m very withdrawn lol. Guess they thought they were actually helping my confidence

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