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You can do all these things with used tea bags

Usually, you just throw away a tea bag after using it once or twice. A shame really, when you consider what else you can do with that same tea bag!

  1. Garden purposes

Did you know that it makes the plants in your garden very happy? Collect used tea bags and place them in a bucket of lukewarm water. Let this soak in for a while and then remove the bags. Then you pour the tea water over the plants to protect them against fungal infections. You can also open the tea bags and sprinkle the tea leaves around the plants to feed the soil.

2. Seasoning

You can also use tea bags in the kitchen. They’re useful for giving dishes more flavour. For example, think of pasta, grains such as oatmeal, or a cocktail. When making oatmeal, you can hang a tea bag in the milk. A chai tea bag is especially recommended. You can use mint tea, for example, to flavour a mojito.

3. Mask nasty odours

Does your bin or refrigerator cause bad odours in your home? Then put an old and dry tea bag on a plate and put it in the refrigerator or put the tea bag in the bin. The tea bag absorbs bad odours. Not much of a tea drinker? Then you may be able to use coffee grounds because that does exactly the same.

4. Cut garlic

As tasty as garlic is, cutting it isn’t much fun. Your hands usually get very smelly. Not really fresh, but luckily you can easily solve this with a used tea bag. Cut it open and then wash your hands with the tea leaves.

5. Bags under the eyes

Get rid of all those expensive products against bags under the eyes. Tea bags to the rescue. A cooled and moist tea bag has a calming and nourishing effect. Used tea bags can also work well against skin irritation and mosquito bites. Furthermore, they can help to soothe your skin if you’re sunburned in the summer.

6. Animal-friendly mousetraps

Do you suffer from mice in your home? Then keep all (dried out) tea bags. You spread these around the house, especially around small openings and doors. Mice don’t like the smell of tea and are therefore less likely to enter.

7. Cleaning with used tea bags

Used tea bags also come in handy during cleaning. Use them to make light tea and then use it to clean the floor. You can also pour it into a spray bottle and spray it on the windows. This way you get them nice and streak-free clean.

8. Make dishes fat-free

It’s annoying when a greasy layer remains on your dishes while doing the dishes. Don’t feel like scrubbing hard? Then let a used tea bag steep in a washing-up bowl containing the dirty dishes. The tea bag absorbs the grease, so you don’t have to scrub as much.

9. Refresh the carpet

Could your carpet use a fresh slate? Then cut open a number of old and dry tea bags and sprinkle the tea leaves over the carpet. Leave them for 15 minutes and then vacuum them up with the vacuum cleaner. You’ll see that the carpet smells nice and fresh again.

10. Stainless pans

Pans can rust over time, but if you have used black tea bags you can prevent that. Rub the pans with these tea bags after washing them. These provide a protective layer to prevent rust.

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