Recognisable discussions while watching TV with your partner

Watching TV together with your partner is often a lot of fun, but these discussions will certainly look familiar to you if you’ve got a boy- or girlfriend sitting next to you on the couch!

  1. Infidelity

While you work an evening shift, your partner secretly watched the latest episode of Love Island. You both know this isn’t as agreed and you’re absolutely bummed. You were looking forward to it and watching it alone is a lot less fun. Therefore, try to make agreements with the series that you both watch. This avoids a lot of discussions.

2. Individual TV time

Perhaps you’re a big fan of romantic series and films and your partner prefers to watch exciting action and/or thriller films. While you lie on the couch, ready for a series marathon, your partner plops down next to you in frustration. He or she had decided to watch a recently released action film tonight. Allow each other some individual TV time and agree, for example, that after two episodes of your favourite series, your partner can watch his or her action film. Communicate which programs or series you don’t want to miss and vice versa.

3. Fall asleep

You probably recognise it. While you’re completely absorbed in an exciting film, you suddenly hear a light snoring sound to your left. You nudge him or her, but after twenty minutes your partner has fallen asleep again. You don’t have to turn off the film right away. Maybe you can catch up with him or her over breakfast tomorrow morning.

4. Sleeping causes a fight

Sometimes you’re looking forward to an episode of a series and your partner falls asleep after a few minutes. You get annoyed because you always watch this series together. Why does he or she have to fall asleep right now? Maybe your partner is pretending to be awake, leading you to ask questions like, “What’s the last bit you saw?” See. You’re not paying attention anymore.” Annoyed, you pause the episode and before you know it a heated argument ensues. If possible, try to put aside your irritation. Your partner is probably really tired and he or she has had a long (working) day.

5. Pausing

Is your partner a real chatterbox or sometimes a bit restless? Then this situation will not seem unfamiliar to you. There are seven pauses during one episode. He or she wants to say something, needs to go to the toilet, sends a friend another message, or suddenly decides to have a snack. This is while you prefer to watch it without all those (unnecessary) breaks. Agree to watch at least one episode without breaks.

6. Time

While your partner prefers to watch TV for two hours before going to sleep, you want to go to sleep after 45 minutes. What to do? Make sure you follow several series, where the duration of the episodes differs. There are series with episodes of half an hour and series with episodes that last almost an hour. This’ll make it easier for you to make a decision.

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38 thoughts on “Recognisable discussions while watching TV with your partner

  1. Man I wish I had a partner, but they have to be asexual! I mean that’s why people ghost me on dating apps (but also because I don’t know what to say, I’m not good with words.) also like video games etc.

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    1. I look for the same thing haha. Hard to find, very true indeed. For me, to add, they have to like music and going to concerts, like cats, and be a guy


      1. I’m sure you’re 100% sweet and I fully support transgenders! Just not in a relationship. And I currently have a crush on a male friend of mine. I just wanna be honest, but didn’t mean to hurt your feelings in any way if I did!


      2. Decided I’ve made peace with myself if I can’t find anyone by the time I’ve hit 40 then that’s life’s way of saying “good luck! Have fun being alone for the rest of your life!”

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      3. Also my friend who watches your streams says you’re one of their best friends and you’re really nice person to be around. I’m not even doubting them because it’s true.

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