The biggest benefits of a good posture that you want to know about

Going through life with a straight back doesn’t only make you more attractive and confident, it also prevents all kinds of nasty complaints. Let me list all the benefits of a good posture for you!

  1. Less back and neck pain

If your shoulders hang forward or if you walk slightly bent forward, you’ll strain your back and neck. Even the blood supply to certain muscle groups weakens. So, stand or sit upright and spare yourself aches and pains that can get worse over the course of your life.

2. Improved digestion

If you sit slumped, your intestines and stomach will have less space to ensure proper digestion. It’s, therefore, very important to maintain a good posture for a healthy digestive system.

3. A happier life

People who are a bit gloomy tend to hang their shoulders. If you adjust your attitude, you’ll give yourself a mood boost, even on bad days. So, let your body control how you feel, instead of the other way around.

4. Better blood circulation

Good blood flow ensures that your body receives oxygen and nutrients. You can optimise that blood flow by standing and sitting upright.

5. More energy

If you have a bad posture, it’ll affect your energy level, resulting in fatigue. Make sure you go through life with a straight back and you’ll see that you’re bursting with energy.

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Love, Skye Lewis โค

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34 thoughts on “The biggest benefits of a good posture that you want to know about

      1. I lost people too last year. 5 to be exact. And I’m honouring them every day, and I know you will too. We won’t forget them, neither of us will


      2. Sorry that came out I shouldnโ€™t of said that. Stupid old me. I was looking for the reply button only to realise it was underneath your comment not mine. I wish I could read sometimes

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  1. I donโ€™t know what else to say about this post? Oh yeah I remember the time I fell down the stairs and I thought I broke my back. Scared the living hell out of me so now Iโ€™m always careful on stairs. My parents picked me up and told me to walk it off as if I just didnโ€™t fall down the stairs. Taught me something that day. Even those we love donโ€™t always act like loving people.

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      1. Oh yeah another time my parents said I had to pay ยฃ100/ยฃ200 a month rent just to live in my bedroom. Is that even allowed lol?? I mean i looked it up apparently it is normal but I was 16/17 when they asked me I didnโ€™t even have a job lol (still donโ€™t) so I was wondering do your parents do that too or is it just mine because I get if itโ€™s for bills and stuff but ya knowโ€ฆ.

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      2. No, they don’t. I earn my own money and then buy my own stuff and pay my own bills etc. but they never asked me to pay rent. I sometimes lend them money, but they always gave it back


      1. Yes, imagine a backpack but it just has a small area the arm straps focus on and apply pressure to, generally in the thoracic region where you would need it but you can adjust it somewhat. Itโ€™s also pretty universal as the straps are fully adjustable. Itโ€™s relatively comfortable for something thatโ€™s meant to intentionally stop you from assuming your comfortable position lol. Iโ€™ll see if I can find a link but if I recall when I bought it, it wasnโ€™t expensive, definitely under $50.

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