31 January 2023: PVRIS concert

I know, this doesn’t seem like my typical concert, but I do listen to this artist/band from time to time. And I gotta admit, I had no idea she played any instruments herself. In any case, I bought tickets for the concert back in 2020 and after a few reschedules, it finally happened!

The concert took place at Poppodium 013 in Tilburg. Normally I stand on the balcony when I go to this venue, but they had sadly closed this off this time. Probably because it wasn’t ‘as’ busy as with other concerts. I did prefer to stand a bit outside of the ‘mass’ so I could enjoy the concert to the fullest, and so we stood in the doorway of the entry/exit. We had a pretty good view, so I had nothing to complain about. Okay, we were a little close to the speakers, but I was wearing my earbuds. It was definitely acceptable. And we had a bit of ventilation too, so that was a huge win.

She brought a support act named Charlotte Sands. We caught a few of her songs, and honestly, she wasn’t that bad. It definitely wasn’t unpleasant to listen to. Her outfit, however… goodness. That was… something I definitely wouldn’t have worn. I liked her hair colour though. And her drummer was an awesome dude who was really enjoying himself, and he was cute too. I paid much more attention to him, not gonna lie. Anyway, she came two minutes later than planned, had nothing to complain about there, and performed 16 songs for us (which was honestly pretty short from what I was used to. But hey, home sooner, am I right?)

  1. Animal
  2. Monster
  3. Mirrors
  4. Dead Weight
  5. Gimme a Minute
  6. What’s Wrong
  7. Fire
  8. Old Wounds
  9. My Way
  10. Anywhere but Here
  11. You and I
  12. Use Me
  13. Death of Me
  14. Goddess
  15. My House
  16. Hallucinations

When she played the guitar herself, and not just any guitar, a full-on electric one, I was honestly pleasantly surprised. And also because she wore a pretty normal outfit. She sings well live, hits the high notes, and doesn’t miss her keys. I also liked the scenery she provided. There was like a little jungle thingy going on. That was a pretty fun addition. She didn’t really communicate with her audience and didn’t really make us pump our fists in the air or jump as much as other artists sometimes do. Maybe that’s just not her style, but I felt like she kinda forgot we were there and just wanted to perform her songs? That was a bit of a bummer to me, as I believe that’s where you see the true connection an artist has with their fans. Other than that, it was a lovely concert and I did enjoy the songs she was performing for us.

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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48 thoughts on “31 January 2023: PVRIS concert

  1. Not sure if concerts are my thing. Too many people so crowded I think my introvert ass could never land me there lol. Each to their own I suppose anyway I’m glad u had a good time 😀

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    1. I always stand in the back, away from the crowd so I can enjoy myself to the fullest. But I live for concerts. I’d be dead without them


      1. Also nobody ever comes down where I live. Today was a rare occurrence though. Otherwise it’s a 5hr hour drive and a hotel stay overnight which I don’t mind I just don’t like traveling. All the singers usually go to London, Edinburgh, Cardiff all the big cities so it’s nice when a big artist pops down here hopefully it’ll encourage more artists to actually come down.

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      2. Yeah, but I miss home. I still hate it here. Feel very out of place. I took an abroad program and stayed for money issues, not able to move back


      3. I Just wish big artists would come down here too sometimes I wish I never moved house so that’s a big regret. I used to live a 50 minute drive to london now I live 3hrs away from it which means overnight

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      4. It’s okay, thanks. Mostly stood for hours while they performed best things that happened since 2019. I love the adrenaline feel reminds me of the time I jumped out of a plane. Mostly inspired by Urban explorers.

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  2. Love how this was a conversation about Concerts then it turned into Jumping out of plane convo and then me telling you I love you. Random but wholesome I say. I don’t know how you feel about it and it’s okay if you don’t agree I enjoyed our mini convo. Usually people just ignore me when I’m out and about.

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      1. My parents always said I could chat someone’s ears off. Then they said “don’t talk to me about your obsessions it’s getting boring” so Usallu I keep to myself. Because I’m scared I’ll get told off for Keep going on about the same old stuff.

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      2. Well, I’m nothing like that! You can talk about anything for a long time with me and I’ll never ever get sick of hearing it


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