Myths about acne you should never believe from now on

If you suffer from acne, it’s very annoying. Most people find it an imperfection of beauty and are being bullied because of it. At least try not to believe these myths from now on! And ignore those haters!

  1. Colour of blackheads

Blackheads are caused by your pores being filled with dirt, dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria. The black colour of a blackhead only arises when the polluted pore comes into contact with the air.

2. Sunbathing reduces acne

You’ve probably heard this statement before. Being in the sun a lot would dry out your skin and reduce pimples. What’s true is that the visibility of pimples decreases as soon as you have been in the sun for a while. In the long term, UV radiation causes you to suffer from hyperpigmentation (dark spots on your face), and the risk of skin cancer increases.

3. Only when you’re a teen

You probably already knew that this statement isn’t true. You can get acne at any age. For example, about 15% of adult women suffer from acne.

4. Scrubbing decreases it

No, unfortunately, this statement isn’t true either. By scrubbing you spread the bacteria present on your skin and acne will get worse.

5. There’s a clear cause

The place where you suffer most from pimples tells a lot about the cause. Pimples on your chin and jawline are often caused by a hormonal imbalance. Pimples on your forehead are more likely to be related to digestive problems.

6. Wash your face often

Of course, it’s wise to thoroughly cleanse your face in the morning and evening, especially with skin that’s sensitive to acne. It makes no sense to cleanse your skin even more often because your skin will then become drier and therefore more sensitive. Your skin will then start producing more oil, making acne worse.

7. Expensive products work best

Partly true. Often, more expensive facial products contain high-quality ingredients, but if you look closely on the internet, there are also cheaper variants that work just as well. A product that works great for someone else doesn’t necessarily have to work well for you.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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20 thoughts on “Myths about acne you should never believe from now on

  1. I just use Warm soapy water that usually clears it all up (Most of the time) and I get fresh air. Although I think spending more time in the countryside would help rather than a city that’s filled to the brim with fumes and stuff.

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      1. I’d love to live in the woods too, but I do wanna stay in touch with (certain) people. And I wanna move back to the UK because it’s awful here haha


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