You may not have known about these symptoms of anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, you can notice all kinds of complaints. They can be on the level of mental and physical spectrum. If you suffer from anxiety, chances are that you didn’t know these lesser-known symptoms!

  1. Intestinal problems

When you feel anxious, your body thinks you’re in danger. At this time, your body will therefore be less concerned with nutrition and processing it. This can cause nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

2. Cold hands and feet

As I described above, during anxiety your body will go into a “fight or flight” state. All the blood will be delivered to your major organs, reducing the amount of blood going to your extremities (hands and feet). The result of this is that you’ll suffer from cold hands and feet more often.

3. Dizziness

A light-headed feeling arises because your breathing (unconsciously) changes when you feel anxious. Some people literally hold their breath and this can cause you to experience lightheadedness or dizziness.

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4. Perfectionism

Many people who suffer from anxiety are very aware of everything they do. A report must be perfect or the house must always be tidy. Because of the fear, you can go extremely far in this.

5. Indecisiveness

If you suffer from anxiety, it’s often difficult to make decisions. One moment you want to meet up with friends for an evening and the next moment you prefer to cancel all your social appointments for the entire week. These can be relatively small decisions, but also larger decisions such as looking for a new job.

6. Brain fog

You may have heard of the term brain fog. It’s a kind of drowsy feeling in your head, which makes it difficult for you to concentrate and make certain decisions. You feel forgetful and you may also feel like your head is full of cotton wool.

7. Depersonalisation

During and after an anxiety or panic attack, you may feel that you’re living in a dream and that you’re not living in the moment. It seems like you’re no longer part of the world around you and this can be very frightening. At such times, try to pay attention to your breathing and remember that this feeling will also pass.

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18 thoughts on “You may not have known about these symptoms of anxiety

  1. Thank you for writing this and helping raise awareness. I’ve experienced all of these, but the symptoms I experience almost on the daily are intestinal problems, brain fog, and indecisiveness. I also didn’t even realize cold hands and feet could be a symptom, but now I know anxiety might also be the cause of my hands and feet always being ice cold lol.

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