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Buy second-hand skis? You should pay attention to this

Many people choose to rent skis during their winter sports holiday. Would you like to have your own skis, but don’t have the budget for brand-new slats? Then you can buy second-hand skis. But what should you pay attention to when buying second-hand skis? My friend Ben is here to assist you!

  1. Finding the perfect ones

After you’ve found out which ski suits you best, you can start looking for the ideal second-hand skis. First, think of a number of models and a length, then search for them. Do you think you have found the ideal ski? Then immerse yourself in the properties. If you choose a ski that’s too stiff for a beginner or a ski that’s too soft for an advanced skier, this can ruin a skiing day enormously.

2. Age

Unfortunately, skis don’t last forever and that’s why it’s important to pay attention to the age of second-hand skis. Are the skis five years old, but have they only been used for a week once a year? Then they’re still fine, but have they been used intensively for two to three years? Then you better not buy them.

3. Check the bindings

The bindings don’t damage very quickly unless they’ve had a serious blow. Before buying second-hand skis, ask if you can click a ski boot into the binding and check whether it can be removed easily. It’s best to have this check done at a winter sports shop when you bring them in for maintenance.

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4. Check the base

It’s nice if the second-hand skis are nicely waxed, but it doesn’t have to be a problem if this hasn’t happened. It’s especially important to look for scratches, deep grooves, and/or cracks in the base. If these scratches and grooves are very deep, the skis may not be able to be repaired. But if it’s not too bad in terms of depth, then there’s no problem. It’s also better to leave the skis if there are pieces of the base right at the edge.

5. Check the edges

When buying second-hand skis, it’s also important to focus on the edges. Are they (partially) loose? Then you better not buy them, because this is actually beyond repair. Are the edges often sharpened? Then the skis also last less long. You can check this by the thickness of the side. It’s also important to check the skis for rust. A little rust can be taken care of, but deep rust can’t.

6. Don’t buy rents

It may seem like a good idea to buy the rental skis you’ve used, but be careful with this. These skis are used a lot and intensively maintained. Therefore, take a good look at the sides of the skis and ask the seller how often the skis can be sharpened. Also, lay the skis flat on the ground and see if the shape and ‘resilience’ are still good. To check this, press the bindings and release the ski. If the ski bounces back then it’s good.

7. Go see them

No matter how beautiful the skis look in the photo, it’s better not to buy second-hand skis based on a photo alone. The only way to make sure the condition of the skis is still good is by visiting the seller and seeing them with your own two eyes. And do you feel doubts about them? Then don’t purchase them.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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