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Cat lovers, take note: things you should do for your pet

Only the best for your cat, and that goes beyond a clean bowl and good food. These tips and tricks will keep your cat happy and healthy, and keep you as their mummy/daddy happy too! A happy cat is a happy cat parent!

  1. Provide water from the running tap

Cats don’t like stagnant water, which can contain pathogens. Open the tap a few times a day or give your cat water with special drinking fountains. Tip: don’t place food and water bowls against the wall. Cats like to have an overview while eating or drinking.

2. Provide a fresh basket every week

Dirt, dust, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens easily accumulate, so clean the cat bed thoroughly once a week. Wash a washable cover at sixty degrees. Use a mildly scented detergent. If your cat’s bed suddenly smells different, there’s a chance they won’t return to it. Vacuum the cover before you wash it to prevent a lot of hair from ending up in the washing machine. Then let the cover air dry. You wash a washable basket by hand in lukewarm water (or in the washing machine if this is stated on the care label). Vacuum a non-washable basket a few times a week, once thoroughly. Stains can be removed by dabbing with a damp cloth. Does the basket smell? Let it air out for a few hours and shake well. Tip: although fluffy baskets look nice and lie comfortably, they’re dust catchers. This can irritate a cat’s mucous membranes and eyes and provoke allergic reactions. Cotton upholstery is easier to keep clean.

3. Carefully clean the litter box

A litter box isn’t only dirty, it’s also a source of germs. Also for people. So keep it clean. Use clumping cat litter to make it easier to scoop out faeces and urine. Do this daily, replenish the granules if necessary, and remove all granules from the container every week. Clean the litter box thoroughly with hot water and washing-up liquid. Rinse well afterwards.

4. Play with your cat

This is how your cat stays in top shape. A cat is mainly stimulated by something that moves away from it: so don’t throw cuddly mice and balls towards it, but away from it. Do the same with rods and strings. Don’t push it in the cat’s face, he doesn’t like that. Alternate speed: let your cat run around one moment and then slowly move the rope away from him. Let your cat sometimes catch the ball, string or mouse. Otherwise he loses interest.

5. Brush your cat’s teeth

About 2.2 million cats have dental problems at a young age, such as inflamed gums and dental plaque. Bad breath is an important signal that something’s wrong. Keep your cat’s teeth clean by brushing their teeth two to three times a week. Do this with special cat toothpaste and a cat toothbrush. Let your cat get used to it first. Put some toothpaste on your finger and let your cat lick it off. Gently touch your cat’s teeth. If this goes well, you can grab the toothbrush. Reward your cat with a snack when it does what you expect it to do. This makes brushing their teeth easier.

6. Give food with care

Don’t give a bowl full of food, a cat prefers to eat a small meal three to four times a day. In addition, they like fresh food, not the food that has been standing for a few hours. They preferably leave that untouched. Always put the food bowl in the same, quiet place. Spoon the food into a shallow, oval plate. Then the whiskers don’t touch the edges and your cat can eat in peace. Make sure the food is at room temperature. In nature, cats also eat food, such as mice and birds, that’s still a little warm.

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