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Do you feel overwhelmed? Then try these tips

Everyone has it sometimes. Everything suddenly seems too much and you feel completely overwhelmed. And honestly, that happens to me quite often. These tips provide more peace of mind!

  1. Focus on your body

When you feel overwhelmed, you often can’t make good decisions. What can help then is to focus your attention on your body. Try a meditation or breathing exercise. There are often handy apps on your phone such as Headspace that can provide more peace of mind.

2. Find activities that provide energy

What activity makes you feel good? Maybe you enjoy walking or exercising. It may also be that you enjoy reading, to be taken to a completely different world for a while. Often these activities help you regulate your emotions better. Unconsciously you can give thoughts and emotions a place and you can deal with them better later.

3. Let positive thoughts in

When the panic or overwhelming feeling has subsided a little, you can appeal to your cognition. This means that you can focus on positive thoughts, for example. Is the situation really as dramatic as you experience it or is there a possibility that the way you look at it is coloured negatively? What positive thoughts can you think of? If necessary, write these down and you’ll notice that you feel calmer.

4. Try problem-solving thinking

Now that you’ve been able to let go of the panic, it’s time to deal with any bad feelings or problems. Is there something going on at work that you don’t feel comfortable with? Start the conversation with your colleague or boss. Has your partner said something that doesn’t sit well with you? Then it’s time to be honest and share your feelings. Have you been doing too much work and chores? See if there are people around you whom you can ask for help, which will make it more bearable for you.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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16 thoughts on “Do you feel overwhelmed? Then try these tips

  1. I knew someone had a panic attack once. Someone else forced them to look them in the eyes and said to them β€œ5 things you can see” or β€œ5 things you can hear” and it would ground them or something because they stopped hyperventilating. And I also like these tips

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