Tummy time for adults: this is why it’s good for you

Tummy time only for children? No, not according to American research. That research claims it’s good for adults too to occasionally lie on their stomachs. How and why? I’ll explain that in today’s article!

  1. What is it?

First a little refresher course on tummy time. Tummy time involves babies occasionally being placed under supervision on their bellies for a while while they’re awake. This requires them to use their back and neck muscles to lift their head off the floor and that strengthens their small body.

2. Mobility

Research now shows that not only babies benefit from lying on their stomachs. According to an American study published in Biology of Sport: A Quarterly Journal of Sport and Exercise Sciences, it appears that lying on your stomach three times a week for ten weeks can improve your mobility. And that’s interesting, because your mobility decreases as you get older.

3. Lying on your stomach

It’s important to know that lying on your stomach only works when you’re awake. While sleeping, it won’t do anything for your back in terms of strengthening it. But do you always lie on your back while watching a series, scrolling on your phone or reading a book? Then it can help to turn on your stomach.

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4. Stiff spine

Tummy time is meant to strengthen their spine, but for adults, it makes their spine less stiff. Adults, especially those who sit a lot, are more likely to suffer from a stiff spine.

5. Exercises

There are a number of exercises that you can perform on your stomach. In addition, it’s important to start quietly and to build up the exercises slowly, because that reduces the risk of injuries. Exercises you can do are the cat-cow exercise, spinal twist and the bird-dog. If you can perform fifteen repetitions without difficulty, you can continue with the superman.

6. Back pain

Do you perform the exercises, but notice that your back hurts when you lie on your stomach? Then it may be that you move too fast. Does your back continue to hurt? Then it’s better to stop the exercises and to contact a physiotherapist. This way you can be sure that you’re tightening the right muscles and using them in the right way.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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