Is your washing machine noisy? This is what you can do

If your washing machine makes unnecessary noise, that’s of course very annoying. Especially if the sound can be heard throughout the house. But which sound goes with which solution? Your washing machine can of course make different noises.

  1. Wobbling noise

Does your washing machine make noise because it wobbles? First, check whether it’s level. To do this, place a spirit level on top of the device and see if the air bubble is between the two lines. Isn’t it level? Then keep turning the adjustable feet under the washing machine until it’s in the right position. Make sure you tighten the nuts firmly. Centrifugation loosens the nuts over time. That’s why it’s useful to regularly check whether your washing machine is level.

2. Vibrating noise

Does your washing machine vibrate? This may indicate that the drum is too full. Sometimes the laundry is on one side, which causes the washing machine to be unbalanced. Remove some laundry from the drum and redistribute it. Then you can redistribute it and restart the program. Also, see if a lower or higher speed helps to reduce the noise.

3. Thumping noise

If you hear a thumping sound, you can first check whether the transport bolts are gone. You can find it at the back. Loosen the bolts with a wrench and remove them from the machine. Does the washing machine make a thumping sound during the spin cycle? Then also check the shock absorbers at the bottom. After a while, they lose their strength and the drum shakes in all directions. It’s important to replace the shock absorbers or springs in time. If you still have a warranty, you can contact the point of sale or the manufacturer. Do you no longer have a warranty? Then you can call a repairman.

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4. Squeaky noise

If your washing machine makes a squealing or screeching noise during the spin cycle, chances are the bearings are worn out. You can test this by rotating the empty drum by hand. Is this going smoothly? Then there’s no problem with the bearings. But is it stiff or bumpy? Then it’s better to replace the bearings. Also, check whether you still have a warranty.

5. Ticking noise at the bottom

Does your washing machine make a ticking sound while running a washing cycle? During washing, small objects end up in the drum from the filter. For example, think of buttons, hairpins, or other things that you forgot to take out of your trouser or jacket pockets. That’s why it’s important to clean the filter once every few months. Is the filter clean, but does the washing machine keep ticking? Sometimes a zipper or a button can also tap against the door during washing.

6. Ticking noise in the water pipe

Is the water pipe ticking? This is also called a water hammer. It means there’s too much air in it. To solve this, you can install a water hammer arrestor that absorbs the pressure difference. Turn off the main tap, then turn off and on the washing machine’s water supply. Place the water hammer arrestor with a T-piece between the water supply and the washing machine. You can then close the T-piece with sealing tape. If this doesn’t work, you can of course also call a plumber.

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