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This way you can prevent birds from flying into your window

Did you know that more than a hundred thousand birds fly into windows every year? This is scary, both for the bird and for you. Fortunately, there are simple ways to avoid this!

  1. Why does it happen?

Whether you have transparent or reflective windows, birds can’t see them. The first variant isn’t visible to the animals and the second reflects the environment. Even if windows are opposite each other, it may seem to birds that there’s a free passage. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent them from trying to fly through.

2. Tips

  • Place hanging plants in front of your windows. Not only do they form an obstacle for birds, but they also make your home a lot cosier. Another option is to put furniture in front of the window.
  • Stick stickers on the glass. This can prevent the birds from recognising your window as a free passage.
  • In addition to stickers, you can also choose to stick a silhouette of a bird of prey on your window. In this case, the birds will think an enemy is nearby, and (hopefully) turn around.
  • Would you rather not stick anything on your window? Then you can also use UV marking. The drawings aren’t visible to humans, but they are to birds. Make sure that you remove the cartridges when washing the windows.

3. What to do if it does happen?

A bird that has flown into the window is often very drowsy after the accident. You can help him recover from the shock by placing him in a safe and cool place, such as a cardboard box. When the animal is then back on its feet, you can release it. Does the animal not look healthy or do you have questions? Always call the vet or a different type of animal expert.

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