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Saving money on your dryer: this is how you do it

We’re used to the fact that we have to save on energy costs. It’s good to look at the consumption of your devices and to look for ways in which you can use them more economically. This also applies to the dryer: there are a number of useful tricks that help you to save on energy costs on this device!

  1. Prevent stealth consumption

Many devices consume energy without you realising it. This is also called stealth consumption and your dryer can also secretly consume energy. Therefore, don’t leave your clothes in the dryer for too long, so that your dryer doesn’t remain on standby or the anti-wrinkle position.

2. Clear the filters

By cleaning the filter regularly, you save on the consumption of your dryer. Dust accumulates in the filter, which increases energy consumption. In some cases even up to 40 percent. If the filter isn’t cleaned regularly, it’ll take longer for your laundry to dry. In addition, the fire risk is greater if the filter isn’t cleaned. So don’t skip this.

3. Don’t do it half, do it full

Try to run as few small washes as possible. Don’t have enough laundry for a full wash? Then put the laundry that should be iron-dry and cabinet-dry together and set an ironing drying program. When it’s ready, remove the ironing material and let the rest dry further.

4. Put it in a warm space

To save on the consumption of your dryer, it’s better to put the machine in a warm room. When it’s in a cold room, it consumes much more energy. A cold garage or a cold attic room are therefore not the best options.

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