These physical complaints indicate that you’re under too much stress

Unfortunately, you don’t always realise that you’re taking on too many tasks. Stress complaints are often unclear and vague. And so, I hope I can help you indicate the symptoms!

  1. Headaches

Everyone has a headache sometimes. If you’re under too much stress, you may experience headaches more often. Stress causes muscles to tighten and you can experience migraine-like complaints. Often the pain is on both sides of the head and feels oppressive. In addition, the muscles of your shoulders, neck, and skull can also be sensitive. You can’t make this tension headache disappear immediately, but it’s important to drink enough water. It’s especially important during periods of stress that you stay well hydrated.

2. Digestive problems

The abdomen is often the first place where stress and tension cause complaints. The blood normally used for digestion will now be used for muscle contractions in the rest of your body. This slows down your digestion and can cause heartburn, nausea, and bloating.

3. Changed sleeping pattern

Not very surprising perhaps, but many people sleep badly when they’re stressed. You spend hours worrying and grinding. Often you also wake up in the middle of the night and it’s difficult to fall asleep again. This is the result of the nervous system not being able to relax. Both your body and your mind don’t get enough rest. Ultimately, lack of sleep leads to more stress during the day. For example, you make mistakes at work or you can’t concentrate on your daily activities. Creating a healthy sleep routine is then very important.

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4. Sweating

During stressful situations, your body produces more adrenaline. This will increase your heart rate, your breathing, and blood pressure and you’ll also sweat more. Emotions such as stress and anxiety cause your body to produce a kind of sweat that consists of fatty acids and proteins. Fortunately, this type of sweat often has no odour.

5. Hair loss

If your body produces more cortisol (stress hormone), the production of hormones responsible for ovulation and the thyroid gland will be stopped. As a result, you may experience hair loss. Because of the stress, your hormones are completely out of balance.

6. You don’t feel well

Stress does a lot to the human body, but often you feel a general feeling of malaise. You suffer from anxiety attacks, worry a lot and you don’t want to do fun things. You prefer to stay at home and simply have little energy. If your body produces the hormone cortisol for too long, you’ll eventually develop depressive symptoms.

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Love, Skye Lewis โค

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