Want to sleep better? Things you shouldn’t do before going to bed

Do you sleep badly and would you like to improve your sleep quality? I speak from experience when I say that stress is also a huge factor in not sleeping well, but you sadly can’t just turn that off. What you can do, however, is not doing the following things before going to bed!

  1. No more screens

You shouldn’t use screens for about an hour and a half to two hours before you go to sleep. This means no more television and no telephone. Try to look for other forms of relaxation. For example, you can read or listen to an audiobook. Looking at a screen before going to sleep ensures that your brain is stimulated and active.

2. No caffeine or alcohol

Caffeine can work great in the morning to give you energy. You don’t want this effect in the evening, however. Therefore, try not to drink caffeine after lunch. Drinking alcohol can disrupt your sleep. You wake up more often and sleep less deeply. If you do want to drink a glass of alcohol, do not do so in the last two hours before going to bed.

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3. Don’t skip skincare

You might not expect this tip, but never skip your evening skincare routine. Not only is it very good for your skin to clean and care for it properly, but you’re also signalling to your body that it’s almost time to go to sleep. Taking care of your skin is part of your body’s evening routine.

4. No intense workout

Maybe you’re a night person and you, therefore, love to exercise in the evening. However, it’s better not to do an intense workout before going to sleep. Exercise gives energy and you want your energy to decrease before going to bed. You can do stretching exercises or take a short walk.

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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36 thoughts on “Want to sleep better? Things you shouldn’t do before going to bed

  1. I usually read a book that I need to catch up on I prefer physical books rather than E books. It helps reading because atleast I’m thinking about what’s happening in the book rather than stressing about the future.

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      1. Yeah my mum reads mostly e books. And I’m over here with me physical books. I would never switch physical copies to E books I just don’t understand it. Love going to libraries (before the pandemic) seems as if libraries and book shops struggle sometimes because everything is so online now days. Honestly I’m more worried for the future especially if small businesses libraries and book shops have to close because of it (I’m so sorry I went off topic)

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      2. No worries! I think the exact same way! I recently published my 7th book and I struggle the same way. People don’t read physical copies anymore, sadly

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  2. Short, sweet and very effective.
    I agree with the tips.
    Avoiding screen/blue light, intense workout is surely a great way to get better sleep.
    I would love to add few more things to this already beautiful blog
    ⇾Like stretching could be super helpful. I do them and feel great relief.
    ⇾ Sleeping regularly at the same time could be helpful. It helps in building a schedule and body get used to it.
    ⇾ Avoiding heavy dinner and going for a walk after dinner is another great thing. It makes body relaxed.
    ⇾ Surely Intense workout at night is a no no, but if we do a good workout regularly, it will help in quality sleep.
    ⇾ Warm milk with turmeric, could a saviour. However, we need to avoid too much liquid, because that can break the sleep.
    ⇾ Lastly, a good massage of the head could be everyone’s new favourite. In Hindi, it’s called champi. It could relax the body and mind.
    These were things, we could do to sleep better.
    Sorry, I wrote a mini- blog here.

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