You need these types of rest to really recharge

In addition to physical rest, more commonly known as sleeping, there are a few other types of rest that are perhaps not mentioned as frequently as they should. I’ve listed them all for you!

  1. Physical rest

You’re probably familiar with this form of rest. Sometimes your body indicates that it’s tired and in need of rest. You can then spend an evening lounging on the couch or taking a nap. Complaints such as fatigue, muscle pain, and dizziness may indicate that you need to build in more rest physically. You can do this by planning more rest days between workouts, but also by simply going to bed earlier and sleeping longer.

2. Mental rest

Mental rest basically means putting your brain on pause. If you find it hard to concentrate or get frustrated easily, you may need some mental rest. You can do this by walking away from the tasks you have to do for a while. Take a walk, take the time for a relaxing evening ritual and go to bed a little earlier. A to-do list can also help to create more overview.

3. Social rest

Some people need it more than others, but social rest is also important. This form of rest means that you take time for yourself and spend less time with people. If you notice that others irritate you easily or if you avoid social situations, it can be wise to build in social peace. You can do this by canceling all mandatory social events and only focusing on the people and social events that are really important to you.

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4. Spiritual rest

By creating spiritual peace you’ll discover the meaning of what you’re doing. If you feel lost or if you feel like you don’t know which direction you want to go, inserting spiritual rest can help you further. You can do this by reading a book, practicing yoga or meditation, or engaging a coach or counselor.

5. Creative rest

This form of rest gives you the space to play and not just focus on the goals you want to achieve. Also, try to have fun while doing this. If you feel like you’re no longer moving forward with a project or if you experience a certain tunnel vision, creative rest can help you. By following a new course or training, your brain will be stimulated and you’ll be less focused on one particular goal or process.

6. Sensory rest

Are you tired and can you no longer tolerate any noise or stimulus? Would you rather hide in a corner? Then there’s a chance that you have become sensory overstimulated. Try to do exercises that help you to ground yourself. Think of breathing exercises, a walk through the woods, or simply creating some time for yourself.

7. Emotional rest

If you become easily irritated by people you love or if you suddenly have a judgement about everything and everyone, then you may need some emotional rest. You probably don’t take enough care of yourself and you need to change this. You can improve this by, for example, writing things down, talking to a friend, or talking to a therapist. It’s important to make sure that you reconnect with yourself.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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