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Tips to keep your house warm without a heater

It’s getting colder, but you don’t want to have the heating on all day (especially not with the increasing prices of gas). Therefore, try these tips for a warmer home!

  1. Close the curtains at night

Close all curtains at night before going to bed. Also the curtains in rooms where you don’t come often. This prevents cold air from entering through the glass. If you don’t have curtains everywhere, you could also hang towels or sheets on the windows.

2. Candles

Candles not only make your home cosier but also provide a lot of warmth. You can put a candle in every room downstairs. Make sure that children and pets can’t reach it.

3. Close all doors and move the couch

Close all rooms in the house. Don’t forget the less frequently used areas. For example, think of a study or a room where you mainly keep junk. As a result, no extra cold air comes from these rooms to the living room. Move your couch if it’s currently in front of the heating. This is because a lot of heat is lost unnecessarily.

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4. Be together

Try to get the whole family together in one room. Organise game nights or watch a series together. Your body produces a lot of heat when you talk and breathe. By being together, your living room is heated in a natural way.

5. Window foil

You stretch this foil in front of the window and stick the edges on the frame. This creates an insulating layer of air between the window and the foil. This way, the cold doesn’t penetrate your house as quickly. You can also opt for window film, but you can’t apply it yourself and you’ll therefore need a professional for this.

6. Blankets and pillows

Not such a surprising tip, but dress warmly (warm socks!) and make the living room cosy and warm by putting down enough pillows and blankets.

7. Drink something hot

Make a pot of hot, steaming tea for the whole family, or enjoy a hot chocolate on the couch.

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