Are fragrance sticks good or bad for your health?

A nice smell in the house, who doesn’t want that? By placing fragrance sticks in your house, a wonderful scent of, for example, vanilla, cedarwood, or flowers spreads through your house. But are they good for your health?

  1. Adverse effects

Fragrance sticks not only provide a nice smell in the house, but they also look very stylish these days. However, there’s a disadvantage: fragrance sticks could have adverse effects on your health. This is due to the perfumed liquid contained in the bottle. Frequent inhalation of fluids like this can lead to reduced lung function, according to several studies. But asthma and headaches could also be made worse by the liquid.

2. Benzene

This is especially true when the liquid is burned. Think of scented candles or incense. When such a liquid burns, benzene is released, a carcinogenic substance. The benzene content is often even higher than when smoking a cigarette.

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3. Allergic reaction

With fragrance sticks, the risk is much less, because the liquid isn’t burned. However, you have to be careful: you can get an allergic skin reaction when you come into contact with the liquid. For example, if the bottle falls over.

4. Ventilate well

It’s good for your own health to ensure that the air quality in your home is good all year round. Open the windows in the morning to let fresh air in. Plants can also be good for sufficient oxygen in the house.

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