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This is how you prevent a fogged mirror in the bathroom

Did you know that there are several ways to keep your mirror from fogging? Because let’s be honest: a fogged mirror after a shower is really annoying. With these tips, you’ll ensure that this will no longer happen!

  1. Shaving foam

It’s a well-known trick that’s hugely popular on TikTok: rubbing your mirror with shaving cream. It may sound crazy, but it’ll stop your mirror from fogging. Spread some shaving cream over your mirror and then wipe it off with a cloth.

2. Vinegar

Don’t have shaving cream at home or are you afraid you’ll make a mess of it? Then vinegar is your best friend. Make a mixture of fifty percent water and fifty percent vinegar and spray it over your mirror. Then wipe it off again with a soft cloth.

3. Blow-dry

Is your mirror fogged after taking a shower? The easiest way to get it off is to turn on the hair dryer and point it at the mirror. As the temperature changes, the condensation will evaporate.

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4. Car wax

Another home remedy for a fogged mirror is car wax. First, clean your mirror well and then rub a layer of car wax on it. You can then rub it with a mirror cloth so that the mirror becomes streak-free. Because of the car wax, your mirror will no longer fog for about one to two months.

5. Cold water

You can also choose to run cold water first. By doing this for thirty seconds to a minute, you lower the temperature in your bathroom. This makes it harder for the mirror to fog. Just be careful not to waste water and only use this tip if you’re comfortable rinsing with cold water.

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