12 October 2022: Three Days Grace concert 3

It was my 30th concert, and the third time seeing these amazing fellas perform live. I enjoyed it so much more than the first two times, and I know exactly why. So, let us dive into this amazing night filled with headbanging, screaming, dancing, and enjoyment!

This third time too, the concert took place at Poppodium 013 in Tilburg. Despite it being technically sold out, and me not being able to enter the main room considering both entryways were completely blocked by people trying to see the concert themselves, I decided to retreat to the upstairs area, the balcony, if you will. The first balcony housed the same problem, so my hopes were basically gone for the second balcony. Luckily, all the way in the back, on increased stairs, I had quite a good view. And there was no one standing directly in front of me or behind me, not even next to me (not until the main act came anyway), and I could literally enjoy myself to the fullest.

They brought 10 Years along as their support act, and that band definitely has a new fan! I’ve been listening to their music, and thus their albums, non-stop since attending the concert. Anyway, they performed a couple of songs for us:

  • Russian Roulette
  • Catacombs
  • Dead In The Water
  • Vampires
  • Novacaine
  • Now Is The Time (Ravenous)
  • Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana cover)
  • Shoot It Out
  • Wasteland
  • Fix Me
  • The Optimist

Then, Three Days Grace came, and they actually started at the time they were supposed to start. Gotta say, that’s very rare in the artistic business when scheduled to perform live. I think they were one of the first ones I’ve noticed starting on the exact time as scheduled. Which was a huge advantage for me, considering I had to run afterwards to catch literally the only train I could take. Anyway, they performed a bunch of songs for us. Only four of them were from their new album, the rest were the ones they’re most famous for, and are thus known by all fans.

  • So Called Life
  • Animal I Have Become
  • Home
  • Pain
  • Break
  • The Mountain
  • I Am the Weapon
  • Painkiller
  • The High Road (Acoustic)
  • World So Cold (Acoustic)
  • Just Like You
  • Neurotic
  • The Good Life
  • Lifetime
  • I Hate Everything About You
  • Never Too Late
  • Riot

Matt sang very beautifully this evening (so did his alter-ego Jimmy), a lot purer than he did the first two times I heard them, despite him having had a drink whilst performing. I stayed safe from the mosh pits, which I was happy about, and could enjoy myself to the fullest up on the balcony. I was literally letting go of everything that was bothering me, screaming at the top of my lungs, headbanging like crazy, jumping and dancing and whatnot. I felt so much calmer after that, so much more relaxed and freer. And that to me made this concert one of the loveliest ones I’ve had in terms of losing yourself entirely, and letting the music take you wherever it needs to take you. And I could luckily hear all songs before having to run to catch my train. Definitely can’t wait to see them a fourth time somewhere in the future!

Love, Skye Lewis â¤

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