10 October 2022: Pa Sheehy concert

This was my 29th concert, and the first time witnessing this amazing singer’s songs live. Songs filled with passion, with emotion, so pure and raw, so full of melody and meaning. Last night was special, I found meaning in those songs, and I enjoyed every single second. Let us dive deeper into this amazing night!

The concert took place in Paradiso in Amsterdam. Pa Sheehy was the lead vocalist of the band Walking On Cars, who announced their split in 2020. With his debut EP The Art of Disappearing, Pa introduced us to 5 songs. Right before he was set to leave on tour, he decided to upload two recorded live sessions of two new songs, and during the concert, he treated us on so many more new ones that weren’t fully done yet. And each of them sounded like heaven to me. This man didn’t miss a note throughout the entire concert. And his voice is so pure, so angelic to me. I genuinely felt like I was in heaven the entire time I was standing there in the front.

Due to his songs being so new, and out of respect for Pa, I’ve decided to not share all the titles of the unreleased songs. I’ll only share those he has recorded and shared, and those he had shared ones on the setlist he played a year ago. Other than that, I’ll leave it to him to share the songs and their respective titles once they’re ready to be shared!

  • Record Store (out on YouTube)
  • These Days (out on YouTube)
  • Róisín
  • I Saw You At A Funeral
  • Drop Me In The Ocean
  • The Years Never Waited
  • Through The Fields
  • Surrender
  • Calling (not released)
  • We’re Getting Old (not released)
  • By The Side Of The River (not released)
  • I Still Look For You (not released)
  • We Were Wrong (not released)
  • Plus a few I won’t share the titles of for the reason mentioned above.

I’ve seen him live 3 times before (but that was with his band). Experiencing him solo, was the first time for me. And again, I enjoyed every single second of this concert. Literally every single second. I felt like my soul was being fed in the best possible way and I wasn’t disappointed, not even in the slightest. If I could, I’d go see him again. I was smiling the entire time, I was happy, I was genuinely happy. I had goosebumps, tears in my eyes, the whole thing. I experienced literally everything a concert should cause. The good kind of cause. I can’t stop saying how amazing this concert was. The instruments, the vocals, the atmosphere, the way Pa himself was enjoying. It was a treat. A true treat. It’s definitely in my top 3 of the best concerts of 2022. I think I can safely say that.

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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