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Do you constantly compare yourself with others? Tips that can help you

Do you often compare yourself with others, which then makes you feel sad or insecure? Try these tips to feel better about yourself and gain more confidence!

  1. Shift your focus

Discover at what moments you compare yourself with others. Perhaps social media plays a role or you often compare yourself with colleagues or friends. Then it might help to shift your focus. Instead of being busy with the other person and all the positive qualities they have that you don’t have, you focus on your own body and breathing. Take a few deep breaths and, if necessary, place a hand on your stomach to monitor your breathing. You’ll notice that you’ll soon feel a little calmer. Then try to think of something you’re grateful for. A nice friendship, a quiet day at work, or maybe a delicious meal that you have just prepared yourself.

2. Nature

Many people find peace by being in nature for a while. A walk in the forest can ensure that you can let go of certain negative thoughts and enjoy life as it is at the moment.

3. Positive start

It can help to start the day with a positive affirmation. You don’t have to praise yourself, but there are bound to be some qualities of yourself that you admire. Say these out loud to yourself and you’ll find yourself believing these words more and more over time.

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4. We’re equal

It sounds rather cliché, but every person is equal and goes through a certain development. This development is just not visible to the outside world. One person is therefore not better, more beautiful, or more unique than the other person. When you compare yourself to someone else, it always seems like that other person is doing much better than you. Try to think that they probably also have their insecurities and are going through a certain development.

5. Find peace

Often an average day is hectic and busy. You go to work and in between, you sometimes check your phone. Because of this, your head has to process a lot of stimuli. Because of this hustle and bustle, it’s tempting to compare yourself to others. If you’d look for peace (for example by taking a walk in nature or by paying attention to your breathing), you’ll become calmer and you’ll also be less concerned with the people around you.

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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16 thoughts on “Do you constantly compare yourself with others? Tips that can help you

  1. Een positieve start van de dag is een belangrijke om je goed te voelen. Alleen moet men het ook vasthouden en door niemand je laten meetrekken. Toch zeker niet als her niet goed voelt.

    Aum Shanti

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