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Stinky dishwasher? These tips will help you get rid of it

Does your dishwasher, and with it your dishes, smell musty, like sewer or even wet dog? That’s certainly not okay, but luckily there are a number of tips that will help you get rid of that bad smell in no time!

  1. Global

In most cases, the smell is caused by food leftovers. You can easily remove these from the filter, but if you don’t do this regularly, a blockage can occur. Your dishwasher can also smell if you haven’t used it for a while, for example after you’ve been on holiday. Leaving the door of your dishwasher open for a while allows the musty smell to escape.

2. Cleaning the filter

It’s important to clean the filter regularly, preferably after each use. Unscrew the filters from the machine and rinse them under the tap. Have the filters become very greasy? Then use a little washing-up liquid and scrub the dirt off with a washing-up brush. If you see that there’s dirty water in the filter housing, it may be that the pump is clogged. Then scoop out the dirty water.

3. Cleaning the spray arms

You may not think about it, but the spray arms could also use a cleaning. You can usually easily disconnect the top spray arm by unscrewing it. You often click the lower spray arm loose. Rinse the spray arms under the tap and pierce clogged holes with a cocktail stick.

4. Bottom cleaning

Food residues can also remain on the bottom of your dishwasher outside the filter. To clean these you only need soapy water and vinegar, with which you scrub the bottom. Vinegar not only cleans the bottom but also makes sure that the bad smell disappears. Don’t have vinegar at home? Then use baking soda and lemon or a dishwashing product.

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5. Clean the door

Did you know that food residue can not only cause a bad smell but can also affect the rubber? This can cause leakage at some point. It’s, therefore, important to keep the rubbers in the door clean with a damp cloth or with a toothbrush.

6. Drain hose and connection

You’d think that the bad smell comes from your dishwasher, but it can also arise at the drain hose or the connection. Check whether you encounter a blockage in the hose and check whether the connection has a gooseneck. This ensures that the stench is sealed off. If your dishwasher doesn’t have a gooseneck, the stench can come straight up from the sewer.

7. Hot cycle

Occasionally it’s good to run the dishwasher empty on a hot cycle. Add a cleaning agent and read on the package how often it’s needed. This is often about once or twice a month. You can also use a cup of vinegar instead of a cleaning agent. In addition, bacteria are killed at high temperatures. Some dishwashers have their own cleaning program that you can use.

8. Half of a lemon

Another easy tip is to put half of a lemon in the dishwasher during a program. This gives your dishwasher, but also your dishes, a fresh scent. And extra handy: lemon ensures streak-free glasses!

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