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Too busy to read a book and relax? Here’s what you should do!

Many people want to read more, but blame their busy schedules for not being able to. I myself have this same problem attending university, doing homework, and working for money on the weekends. But, that’s why I’m here to share what I’ve been trying to do instead!

  1. Start small

You want to read more, but forcing yourself to finish a 300-page novel in two weeks is quite demotivating. The pleasure of reading disappears and it feels more like a ‘must’ rather than a hobby that offers you relaxation. What can help is to read for a short amount of time. For example, take your book with you to an appointment where you’ll probably have to wait a while. Schedule short reading moments so that you can rediscover the joy of reading.

2. Reward yourself

Remember when you used to receive a sticker or other reward for reading a chapter or a book? Now a sticker will no longer be so motivating, but you can reward yourself with a nice cappuccino or a cup of tea while reading. Make reading a relaxing ritual.

3. Go on an adventure

Maybe you used to read mainly romantic novels and this was the genre you filled your bookcase with. However, it’s possible that there are now also other themes or genres that attract your attention. Try to discover which books still seem interesting to you and don’t limit yourself to one genre.

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4. Modern world

Many people are still charmed by real paper books. Yet it’s not wrong to also take advantage of the advantages that the modern world offers. An audio book can provide just as much relaxation during a car ride to work as a physical book. Discover which form of reading suits you and maybe this differs per moment.

5. Inform

You know people who read a lot and who have the same interests. Ask which books they would recommend to you. This way you may discover new books that you otherwise would’ve never given a chance.

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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32 thoughts on “Too busy to read a book and relax? Here’s what you should do!

  1. Skye, these are great tips! I also am attending university and working part time, and finding time to squeeze in reading can feel nearly impossible.
    But I love the emphasis you’ve placed on quality over quantity, and I’ve come to a similar conclusion for myself with reading. If I can enjoy the content, that is a larger reward than having a long list of finished books I don’t remember!

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    1. You’ve exactly put my thoughts into your own words! I believe as readers we feel like we must finish as many books as we can, but that’s not the point. The point is to enjoy what we have and what has been written. And because we have less time to read, we thus take more time to fully enjoy and emerge into the story!

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  2. I think we could help those who find reading boring by providing easy-to-read and short-length stories or blogs (just like this one!)

    In this world where most people are online and scrolling, a short read can go a long way.

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  3. I have been trying to read again and honestly starting with reading WEBTOON again did help me up a bit getting used to reading and now able to read again manga and even novel which couple months back I was having an hard time focusing on reading

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