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Suffering from an autumn dip? This is what you can do about it

The days are getting darker and colder. Do you notice that this change affects your mood? Then you’re probably prone to an autumn dip. But don’t worry, there are a number of things you can do to overcome such a dip!

  1. Symptoms

Feeling gloomy, you enjoy things less, have poor concentration, tiredness, feel more irritable, listless, hard to fall asleep, weight gain, increase in appetite, (often high-calorie foods), and less need for social activities. Don’t confuse it with a winter depression, because you need actual professional help for that.

2. Daylight

The biggest cause of an autumn dip is a lack of daylight. This of course has everything to do with the shorter and darker days, less bright light and the fact that you probably go outside a little less. To ensure that you see enough daylight, it’s important to open your curtains and especially to go outside if the weather permits. Start your day with a walk, so that you see daylight and are activated by movement.

3. Light therapy

On some days the weather is very bad and it remains dark and gloomy. For example, work can also make it difficult to go outside regularly. In that case, light therapy could help you get enough daylight. You’re exposed to lamps that mimic sunlight for 45 minutes early in the morning. This can help you get over your autumn slump faster.

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4. Eat healthy

Your body naturally produces vitamin D when you’re in contact with sunlight. But this vitamin is also found in animal products, such as oily fish. In addition, it’s important to eat enough vegetables and fruit and starchy products. Think potatoes, pasta and legumes. Also make sure that you eat as little sweets as possible and avoid saturated fats. In any case, make sure that you get enough vitamins and if necessary take them, in consultation with your doctor.

5. Go outside

Know that having an autumn dip isn’t crazy at all. Talk about it with, for example, a friend or family member. Distract yourself by doing fun things with your friends. For example, go into the city and drink a cup of coffee together and put your phone aside. You’ll find that this can make a huge difference.

Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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  1. What does it feel like having Autumn? Where I live we dont have 4 seasons. Its only rain and sun. And sometimes monsoon season.

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