Characteristics of people who are good with their (savings) money

The month isn’t over yet, and yet you’re at the end of your salary. How will you pay for the remaining groceries? Why are you not good at handling your money, whereas other people are? You’ll find out today!

  1. Goal oriented

People who are future-oriented are able to manage their money much better. Setting money goals and/or savings goals makes it easier to put together the money you need to pay off credit card debt or take that one trip you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Calculate for yourself how much you can set aside each month for this goal and how long it’ll take you to reach the goal. Bet it’s easier now to save in a targeted way!

2. Wise

People who have no debts are less sensitive to offers and status. They’re less likely to buy a big car because it gives them prestige but consciously opt for a cheaper model to save costs. Offers – no matter how big or small – are also considered: is it a good offer and do they really need the product or do they want to buy it purely because it has a discount sticker on it?

3. Discipline

Paying afterwards causes people to purchase unnecessary things much faster, and most of the time, you don’t have the money for it (yet) to pay the bill. The difference between people who are good with money and people who aren’t is that they stick to their budget without debts. They don’t spend more than comes in monthly and if they want to buy something but don’t have the money, they wait for the money to be paid out. Even if it means that you can’t buy a coat or go out for dinner.

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4. Patient

You may buy much more online than in the store with cash or your debit card. As a result, you have less overview of what you’re actually spending each month. People who are good with money are more patient about the purchases they make. They don’t need the order confirmation to feel ‘satisfied’ for a while. They’re also less likely to make impulse purchases because they’re focused on the future: a house and their retirement are more important than buying trendy designer shoes that are only hip for one season.

5. Responsible

Debt-free living comes with a certain responsibility. Knowing that you can’t live beyond your means because it’s financially unhealthy. Take a look at your own household book. Are you overinsured? Can you say goodbye to a few subscriptions? Do you spend relatively little money on groceries? By sticking to budgets, you’ll take better care of your money each month and you’re less likely to end up in debt.

6. Confident

Those who don’t want to get into debt shouldn’t be afraid to show different behaviour than people who spend money haphazardly. If there isn’t enough money to go on holiday, the holiday will be skipped for a year. They have less need for a credit card and only buy a new car, refrigerator, or washing machine when it’s really necessary. Not because the new model looks better. This requires a certain amount of self-confidence: after all, you can get comments about why you don’t do something, while everyone else does. They don’t care about the opinions of others, but they do care about the future of themselves or their family.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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