This is what your dreams say about your personality

Did you know that your dreams say a lot about your personality? In today’s article, I’ll explain how this works and what your dreams could potentially mean!

  1. Materialism

People who are very materialistic are more likely to dream about uncertain themes such as falling or death. In addition, they more often dream about a conflict within the family or the relationship. People who are less materialistic are more likely to dream about overcoming danger or having more intimacy within the relationship.

2. Introvert/extrovert

People who are more extroverted are more likely to have dreams that include female characters. In addition, these dreams take place in the evening. Introverted people generally dream more often. This is because social situations cost them a lot of energy.

3. Emotional stability

If your dreams often take place outside, you’re probably less afraid of overwhelming negative feelings. It is, therefore, more likely that you’re emotionally stable. In addition, emotionally stable people more often dream about being able to fly, the ultimate form of freedom. People who are more sensitive are more likely to feel frustrated or confused in a dream.

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4. Open to experiences

If you often dream that you can fly, it often also means that you’re open to new experiences. Dreaming about unknown people also means that you’re often more curious and would, therefore, like to gain new experiences sooner.

5. Easy-going

People who have dreams that contain many different characters are often easy to get along with. In addition, you often don’t play the leading role in your dreams. You’re more concerned with the people around you.

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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