My grandparents have their diamond anniversary today!

Today is a very special day, a day I can’t wait to celebrate with my grandparents and parents. The day on which my grandparents said yes at the altar exactly 60 years ago. It’s almost a dream come true!

I’ve always loved listening to the story of how my grandparents met. They knew each other briefly due to living pretty close-by, yet hadn’t really spoken to each other. Until that one day when both decided to go to the same dance night. And that’s where they officially met.

My grandma is 2 years older than my grandpa, but it has honestly never changed anything between them. And two years is basically nothing, really. Definitely not a big difference. My grandpa always provided an income until he retired, and she took care of her mother (who was basically blind and ill), and of their two kids. My mother, and her brother. And I’m their only grandchild.

The love my grandparents have for one another is one unlike any I’ve ever seen, or witnessed. It’s pure, it’s full of passion, there’s still that love from the very first day they met, and it has never faded. Despite my grandma’s brain tumour and early (quickly spreading) stage of dementia, my grandpa will never stop loving her and caring for her.

For today, we celebrate with cake, a self-made gift, and a gift provided by my amazing community and friends who have sent my grandparents a card for their special anniversary. It’ll be an unforgettable day, and I’m truly grateful that I get to celebrate this with them, and they with each other.

I don’t believe in any higher beings, but thank you to whoever made sure they’re still here with me today celebrating their love in diamond ❤

De bronafbeelding bekijken
Source image

Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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