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Do you and your partner often argue about money? Read these tips!

Does one of you always tend to spend way more (unnecessary) money than the other? This can lead to irritations, which can then lead to unnecessary and painful fights. To help you out, I’ve listed a few tips!

  1. Dreams and goals

It makes sense to find out what dreams and goals you have. These dreams ultimately determine what you prefer to spend your money on. Do you both love to travel? Then it’s important to set aside enough money for this. Make clear agreements about this. It’s also motivating and fun to work towards a common goal.

2. Differences

If one spends much more easily than the other, this difference can sometimes lead to arguments. It’s therefore good to accept that you can’t and don’t need to change your personal preferences. If you’re the one who spends money more easily, then it’s important to give the other person the time they need to make a financial decision.

3. Planning

Financially, there’s more peace of mind if you plan together. For example, think about your career choices. Are you satisfied with your current job or maybe one of you wants to get even more out of it? What do you ultimately want to earn? Or, are you perhaps already very satisfied with your current salary? What amount do you want to save per month and what do you do in a financial emergency? (unexpected high bill, the washing machine that breaks down, etc). Do you save on a joint account or do you prefer to have your own savings account? Make everything negotiable so that you both know where you stand.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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18 thoughts on “Do you and your partner often argue about money? Read these tips!

  1. Daar heb ik nooit ruzie over gehad al die tijd niet dat wij al samen zijn.
    Het is ook dat men hier samen over moet kunnen praten en wil men iets ondernemen doe het in samenspraak met je partner.

    Aum Shanti

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