Signs that tell someone probably had terrible parents

Where one person has fond memories of their childhood, the other may prefer not to think about it. You probably have an idea if you grew up with nice parents or not. You can recognise whether someone doesn’t come from a safe family by the following signs.

  1. Something small causes anger

Not all children grow up in a household where emotions are handled in a healthy way. Due to poor(er) emotion regulation, children, later in life, can erupt in anger about small things. It could be because they’re used to it happening at home or they can’t control their emotions well because they never learned how to handle them properly.

2. Drop everything to help someone else

Anyone who didn’t grow up in a safe family can become a people pleaser. In that case, this person drops everything to help someone else, so that their loved one doesn’t lack anything. They go out of their way to be helpful, but they don’t like to get help themselves.

3. Fear to make mistakes

The characteristic of an unsafe upbringing is the fear of making mistakes. Because if this person makes a mistake, there’s a good chance that they’ll be punished by the parent. Therefore, they make sure to make as few mistakes as possible out of sheer fear. Something they’ll probably experience for the rest of their lives, even if they get out of the unsafe situation.

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4. Hard to take compliments

If someone can’t accept a compliment, it doesn’t always have to be arrogance or insecurity. Those who haven’t had a good upbringing may think that they don’t deserve the compliment because they weren’t praised in their past. Or they return a bigger compliment, so that the first compliment is, as it were, overshadowed.

5. Bad at making excuses

It’s hard to imagine for many people, for others it’s the order of the day: if a parent makes their child feel guilty that they exist, there’s a good chance that the child will have trouble making excuses later on. Or someone says sorry for things all the time because they’re used to that from an early age.

Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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26 thoughts on “Signs that tell someone probably had terrible parents

      1. Not all of them. I know not all of them are as mentioned either but, most parents do try to create replicas of themselves or try to get their child to better in life. Doesn’t always work the way it’s attended to be


      2. Yes. Acceptance is most important. I get that some parents have to get used to certain feelings a child might develop, but that shouldn’t be a reason of not loving them anymore.


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