Reasons why you should eat cucumber every day

Cucumber is perhaps an underrated vegetable. The fact that this green rascal is cheap isn’t the only advantage. Eating (a piece of) cucumber every day is also good for your health!

  1. Hydration

Are you very hot or have you just come back from working out? Then cucumber is ideal to hydrate because it consists of (for the most part) water and important electrolytes. Eating cucumbers can prevent dehydration. Staying hydrated has the advantage that your intestinal flora functions optimally and prevents kidney stones. Moreover, it’s also delicious with a slice of lemon or some mint in a glass of water.

2. Bones

What’s your bone health like? If you get enough vitamin K, you’re already well on your way. You get about 20.9 micrograms of vitamin K per 100 grams of (unpeeled) cucumber, which helps to support your bones and prevent blood clotting. An adult woman needs about 90 micrograms of vitamin K per day. It’s precisely in and just below the peel where the nutritional values ​​​​are located, so it’s better to clean your cucumber well instead of peeling it.

3. Cholesterol

This piece of green vegetable has more benefits than you might have thought. The fibers help to maintain your cholesterol and the high amount of potassium makes it easier to prevent high blood pressure.

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4. Diabetes

Cucumbers may be able to control diabetes. It contains substances that can help lower blood sugar or prevent blood glucose from getting too high. Cucumbers score low on the glycemic index (GI). This means that a cucumber provides essential nutrients without adding carbohydrates that can raise blood glucose. One theory is that the cucurbitacins in cucumber help regulate insulin release and the metabolism of liver glycogen, an important hormone in blood sugar processing. Fiber can also help prevent and control type 2 diabetes.

5. Anti-inflammatory

Another nice side effect: cucumbers are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect on various health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, depression, and cancer.

6. Skincare

Cucumber isn’t only good for the inside, but also for the outside. Cucumber slices cool and soothe sunburnt skin and puffy eyes. With cucumber juice and yogurt, you can even make delicious face masks that soothe and hydrate your skin. Very tasty after a hot summer day.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❤

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