The signs that you’re too empathetic

Being empathetic is a beautiful character trait. But you can also be too empathetic and then it works to your disadvantage. What do I mean by that? Well, here’s what to look out for!

  1. You’re always the one making jokes to keep the mood going.
  2. You’re the one who’s always pleasant and fun.
  3. If something needs to be organised, you’re the one raising your hand to help.
  4. You’re the one people turn to for help because they know you’ll probably say yes anyway.
  5. You have a social profession and aren’t averse to working overtime.
  6. You’re the one who’s assigned all the tasks.
  7. You’re in all the clubs and committees.
  8. You’re naturally insecure.
  9. You’re often the one who comes up with fun ideas.
  10. You find it difficult to say no, even if you don’t feel like doing something.
  11. People often come to you with their problems and concerns.
  12. You often struggle to be present at all social activities.
  13. You always know how to inspire and motivate people.
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Here’s a test to see if you’re too empathetic or not!

  1. You’re at a party with strangers. Gradually you get to know people, but because you were too tired, you didn’t make a great impression.
  • A: Unthinkable, such a thing never happens to me.
  • B: They just weren’t my kind of people, so who cares?
  • C: Did I make a bad impression?!

2. You’re asked for yet another task at work. What do you do?

  • A: You immediately say yes.
  • B: You say it’s actually not convenient, but you’ll see what you can do.
  • C: No way that you’re even considering doing it.

3. The neighbour asks if you want to bake a cake for their birthday. What do you do?

  • A: You go straight to the supermarket for strawberries, knowing they love those a lot.
  • B: You’re not a baker, but you do search the internet for a cake to order online.
  • C: Baking a cake? Not your thing! A big fat no!

4. You’ve made a post on social media that has received only a few responses and likes. What does that do to you?

  • A: You lie awake about it at night.
  • B: Too bad, better luck next time.
  • C: So what? Who cares!

Mostly A?

You’re above-average empathetic. Chances are that many people like you. But beware, make sure you don’t forget yourself. That means being there for others at the expense of yourself. You should avoid that. Before you say yes to something, ask yourself: does it cost me energy or does it give me energy?

Mostly B?

You’ve got it! You know when to choose yourself and when to be there for someone else without getting out of balance.

Mostly C?

Your confidence is doing just fine. That’s a fantastic feature, but know that many people are sensitive to your opinion or critical remark. Others may suffer from this. So, every now and then a little more empathy and a more subtle reaction can be appropriate and appreciative.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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