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Bad relationship with your boss? This is how you deal with it!

You’ve tried so hard and didn’t get far, because it turns out you don’t quite agree with your boss. How do you deal with this in the best possible way? Well, let me tell you how!

  1. Analyse

First of all, it’s important to take a closer look at the situation with your boss. Ask yourself what’s happening and why the communication bothers you so much. Could you change something about your way of communicating or your response, so that the communication can improve? Also, try to figure out why your boss is behaving a certain way. Maybe his behaviour has nothing to do with you and it’s more his or her personality. You can also confide in a colleague that you feel comfortable with. How does he or she experience communicating with your manager? Perhaps your colleague can give you some tips that will make the situation less bothersome.

2. Self-knowledge

If your boss often makes negative comments to you, it’s hard not to care. To feel better and stronger, it’s good to list all your qualities and strengths. You’ll see that there’s no reason to feel insecure or anxious.

3. Positive thinking

It sounds easy, but it certainly isn’t. Try to reconnect with your boss with fresh courage and optimism. Remind yourself of your qualities and try to brace yourself for the negative behaviour of your boss. Do you notice that you continue to suffer from it? You could then look at another position within the company or even another job with another employer. Research shows that more than 70% of employees are more likely to change jobs because they don’t have a good relationship with their boss or supervisor, than because they don’t like the job anymore.

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