To do’s that your cat will thank you for

Cats can’t be compared to dogs. That should be logical, but that’s not the case for every pet owner out there. By doing these things, your cat will greatly appreciate and respect you!

  1. No dominance

Cats have certainly become more sociable over the past thousand years, but this doesn’t mean they like or enjoy being dominated. So, don’t try to command your cat’s respect through a loud voice. This’ll backfire.

2. Not too much discipline

Hard discipline and cats are often not a good combination. Is your cat showing behaviour you don’t like? Then offer him or her alternatives and compliment him or her if he or she shows positive behaviour.

3. Don’t change the environment too often

Cats like a predictable and safe environment. So, don’t change it too often. A cat likes to have safe and known places in the house.

Free Short-coated Gray Cat Stock Photo

4. Give them space

Just because your cat comes towards you and sits next to you, doesn’t mean that he or she wants to be hugged or touched right away. Give your cat space and he or she may come to you on its own to rest on your lap.

5. Let them hunt

Indoor cats also like to hunt. There are various games that stimulate the hunting instinct. Consider, for example, a cat laser toy.

6. Mirroring emotions

A cat is very sensitive to the emotions you show. Are you stressed? Then there’s a good chance that your cat also shows a stress response. Showing compassion will help you get the most compassion out of your cat too.

Free Cute Kitten hiding behind a Pillow  Stock Photo

Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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Image source: Pexels


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