You should stop believing these myths about sunburn

You should always protect your skin from the sun in the summer by applying sunscreen. But, you should stop believing these myths about sunburn!

  1. Shade means safe

The sun can be a little too hot, especially during the day. Many people look for a cooler spot in the shade and sometimes it’s thought that you don’t need to apply sunscreen in the shade. For example, if you sit under a parasol, UV radiation can still reach you. You’re not completely safe under a tree either. Wider trees where the leaves grow close together, for example, offer more protection than narrower trees that still allow a lot of light to pass through. Don’t forget that UV radiation is also reflected by light surfaces and can still reach you. So, always protect your skin well, even if you’re in the shade.

2. No burning in water

Have you ever thought that as soon as you swim in the sea, you’re protected from the sun? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Even if you are half a meter below water, 40% of the total UV radiation still reaches your body. To escape harmful UV radiation, you’d have to dive about 2.5 meters underwater. The further you swim from the shore, the deeper you should dive (up to 4.5 meters). This is because the further you swim from the shore, the clearer the water gets. This makes it easier for UV radiation to pass through the water.

3. No burning near a window

Often the windows in a car aren’t tinted. The windows certainly offer some protection against sun damage, but UV radiation will certainly still get through your window. If you sit in the car by the window for a long time, you can burn yourself.

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