Thirsty? These drinks hydrate the best!

It’s especially important during hot weather to stay hydrated. You lose a lot of your body moisture when you don’t. These drinks are, for that reason, the best choice!

  1. Water

Of course, this one couldn’t be missing from this list. Water is still one of the best choices for hydrating yourself. Drinking water transports nutrients to the cells and removes waste from your body.

2. Milk

Since milk has a thicker texture than water, you might think that milk doesn’t hydrate well. However, several studies have shown that this is in fact not true and is good for hydration. In addition, milk also contains vitamin D, calcium, and protein. The protein in milk makes you feel full for a bit longer.

3. Water with a taste

Do you find ordinary water too watery and are you looking for a different taste? Then it’s a good idea to add fruit or mint to your water. Cucumber with mint is a combination that’s often chosen.

Free Fluid Pouring in Pint Glass Stock Photo

4. Watermelon

Watermelon may not be a drink, but this summer fruit consists of 92% water. A delicious snack on a summer day to prevent dehydration.

5. ORS

If you suffer from diarrhea or have run a marathon, you could use ORS. This is a mixture of salts and glucose, which you then dissolve in water. It’s important to drink extra water.

6. Tea

Caffeine-free tea is also very moisturising. You can compare the effect of tea with the effect of water. In addition, they often contain antioxidants. Avoid caffeine as it has a diuretic effect.

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Love, Skye Lewis ❀

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